Brillion Compaction Commander

Part #: BCC
The Compaction Commander Series IV is part of the primary tillage tool category.  It is an in-line deep tillage machine equipped with parabolic style auto-reset shanks.  The Compaction Commander is available in sizes from three shanks to nine shanks. 
Versatile, But Simple in Design

Very simple in design, the Compaction Commander Series IV in-line ripper fits the needs of the customer looking to manage compaction and have the ability to mix and blend the soil profile with the residue left in the field.  The versatility of the Compaction Commander allows it to operate at shallow depths for incorporation practices or at depths down to 20” to address sub soil compaction issues. The true parabolic shank will roll and boil the soil profile and leave the surface rough and rugged to control erosion and conserve moisture.  The bottom line…the Compaction Commander Series IV works!

How and Why It Works

The line of Brillion Compaction Commanders share many common features and benefits.  39” of under frame clearance provides maximum residue flow.  Easily adjustable turnbuckle gauge wheels allow for consistent depth control down to a maximum of 20”.  A full complement of wear strips, points, cover boards and set back brackets are available to allow these machines to be fine-tuned to meet expectations of all producers.  The coil spring auto-reset shanks allow for non-stop operation in all conditions.  From compaction management to surface incorporation, the Brillion Compaction Commander Series IV will meet your needs!


Charge Through the Toughest Conditions

  • Three to Nine Shank Models Available
  • Single Frame or Double Frame Configurations
  • Cat. II and III Three-Point Hitch on 3- and 4- Shank Models
  • Cat. III and IV Three-Point Hitch on 5- through 9- Shank Models
  • All Welded Structural Steel 5" x 7" Frame
  • Self-Storing Integral Parking Stands
  • 39" Under Frame Clearance
  • Cushion Action 20" Ripple Blade Lead Coulters
  • 1.25" x 3" Parabolic Shaped Shanks
  • Heavy-Duty Coil Springs
  • 1,800 lbs. of Point Trip Force
  • 16" Trip Height
  • Maximum Operating Depth of 20"
  • Turnbuckle Gauge Wheels with 11L x 15 8 Ply Tires Standard Equipment
  • Bolt-In Spindles on Gauge Wheels
  • Variety of Points and Wearstrips Available
  • Coverboard Kits Available
  • Safety Warning Lights
  • Powder Coat Paint