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Simple to use, Low Maintenance, Labor & Equipment Cost Saving

The compact Pavijet Mini Paver is the most recent evolution in the asphalt finishing sector.


Coneqtec Universal Manhole Saw


The HS-57 is a heavy-duty skid steer attachment that removes the collar and surrounding area of concrete and asphalt encasing manhole covers. The HS-57 drastically reduces the hours required to repair manhole covers to minutes; typically 10-20 minutes in concrete and twice as fast in asphalt.


Buffalo Turbine Debris Blowers


Buffalo Turbine Debris Blowers are powerful, heavy duty, and versatile. They are available in PTO driven and hydraulic driven models.


Rotary Mower Deck & Barrier Mower Disc


Accessory for the Bomford Remote Flailbot Mower.

Ideal for park areas and cutting of fine grass with option of disc mower fitted for cutting around trees, sign posts and guard rails/delineator posts.



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