New Holland Grader Rake

Part #: NH-GRake
Skid Steer Loader attachment designed to follow compound grades, and oscillates from side to side for crowning roads.

New Holland Grader Rake

  • Available in widths of 82", 92", 97" & 102"
  • Separates debris for site clean-up
  • Scarifies and levels hard packed soil
  • Full floating design follows compound grades
  • Increases productivity over conventional rake by operating in a forward direction
  • Oscillates from side-to-side for crowning roads
  • Angles to 35° left or right
  • Caster wheels out front for accurate leveling
  • Hydraulic hoses included
  • Tines increase digging action for grading
  • Hydraulic quick disconnects included
  • 16" × 4-1/2" tires




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