MillCreek Turf Tiger Topdresser

Part #: Turf Tiger
The Turf Tiger 7,500 lb. capacity top dresser is built tough to spread large loads of material, wet or dry, for fewer loads and fewer trips. With features like a self-aligning V-track system and dual hydraulic controls, you can get high volume top dressing done accurately and in less time.
There's No Turf  Material That This Tiger Can't Handle
No other topdresser spreads as many kinds of material, wet or dry
  • Sand/Peat Topdressing
  • Wet Sand
  • Compost
  • Infield Mixes
  • Soil Amendments
  • Infield Conditioners
  • Soil Mixtures
The new Millcreek Turf Tiger lets you spread any material, from wet sand to heavy topsoil mixtures, from sand/peat topdressing to compost... anytime you need regardless of weather or material mositure conditions. The exclusive SabreTooth attachment handles wet or clumpy material like a dream. There's nothing else like it. For under $13K. the Turf Tiger is rugged, high capacity, spreading equipment for all types of sports fields, golf courses, and park and rec maintenance. The Turf Tiger is supremely versatile. Add the brush for drop spreading, or the spinner attachment for light wide area applications. Pros who use it say "It's the best spreader I've ever used. The price makes it even better."
Standard Features
•   Powerful dual hydraulic system operates from your choice of tractor hydraulic system or PTO hydraulic system.
•   Flotation turf tires exert only 14 psi when the Turf Tiger is fully loaded with 7500 lbs., and provide wide track stability with heavy loads.
•   Rubber coated drive rollers prevent belt slippage.
•   Self aligning "V-Track" System keeps the material delivery belt aligned at all times.
•   Dual hydraulic controls provide infinite speed adjustments for belt and attachments.
•   The Turf Tiger has numerous time and labor saving maintenance features. Your mechanics will love it.

Specs Turf Tiger
Capacity 2.5 yd³ and more,
depending on material
Maximum payload 7500 lbs
Overall width 93"
Overall length 152"
Loading height 65"
Bucket loading width 98"
Weight 2180 lbs
Construction 11 gauge steel body on
heavy steel chassis
Material delivery belt 45½" wide
Hydraulic Requirement 7 gpm, 1500 psi
Minimum tractor hp required 35 hp