Asphault Rotary Cutter

Part #: AI
No matter what the application Attachments International makes a Severe Service Asphalt Cutter for the job. With cutting blades that outlast the competition 2 to 1 and cutting speeds up to 10,000 feet per hour --- no one else even comes close.
  • Bucket Mount - Different models available for use on all tractor/loader/backhoes, up to 3 yd. loaders and 1 yd. excavators. Designed for the most demanding applications.
  • Moldboard Mount - Pivots behind moldboard, cuts a straight edge regardless of angle of moldboard. Allows cutting around curves. Operators view is completely unobstructed. Unit dismounts in less than one minute. Can be taken to any job site and mounted on any motorgrader. Can be mounted on loaders, tractors, etc. with extra Lug Mounting Kits.
  • Scarifier Mount - Use existing scarifier/ripper mount. Quick and easy mounting. Can be left mounted when not in use. Utilizes entire weight of motorgrader for deep penetration. Ripper teeth do not have to be removed, so just by removing asphalt cutter you're ripping in minutes.
  • Hydraulic Mount - Operator precisely regulates depth of cut and monitors down pressure. Unit is always on the machine and available for immediate use. Quick connects in less than a minute. Ideal for Utility tractors or other units.
  • Quick Couple Mount - Quick couples to Excavator or Loaders with Quick Hitch devices. With Asphalt Cutter directly below the boom exceptional productivity is achieved. Allows going from asphalt cutting to bucket work in 2 minutes or less.