Harley Walk-Behind Power Box Rake

Part #: HarleyRake
Enjoy the same proven productivity and consistent performance of a Harley Rake now in a compact power unit that can go almost anywhere. Ease of operation make the Walk-Behind a great addition to any landscapers; professional or do-it-yourselfers.
The Harley Walk-Behind is an ideal tool for landscaping and seedbed preparation.

•   Maneuverable Power Rake fits almost anywhere
•   Powerful enough to work through tough jobs
•   Hydrostatic drive allows you to match speed with ground conditions
•   All the Features of the full size Harley Rakes

Use it for:
  • Grading and shaping
  • Digging and plowing material
  • Windrowing debris
  • Drying out muddy job sites
  • Reconditioning hard soil
  • Rejuvenating old turf
  • Seedbed preparation
  • Trench restoration
Walk-Behind Specs
Engine 13hp Honda w/cyclone air cleaner
Transmission 6cc Dual Hydrostatic propel pump
Speed (F/R) 4/2.5 mph
Weight Power Unit 400 lbs
Drive Wheels 18x6.5x8
Hydraulic Reservoir 6.5 gal

Rake Specs
Weight Rake 210 lbs
Raking Width 36"
Angle R or L 20°
Direct Drive Hydraulic Motor
Adjustable gauge wheels
Removable, positional endplates