Bed Opener / Trencher

Part #: BedOpener
The self-propelled Power Edger enables easy operation for continuous use without operator fatigue and is designed for Bed Opening and Trenching (optional). The Power Edger utilizes two interchangeable blades. The design allows for quick change of blades with simple 3-bolt attachment. If you need a machine that offers additional bed grooming capabilities please review the information on the Power Edger Super Pivot.
Turf Teq’s Dedicated-Use Power Edger series offers Bed Edging and Trenchingcapabilities at a cost-effective price.  With our Power Edger, edging at up to 150 feet/minute is achievable while eliminating the intensive labor costs and fatigue generated by edging with a shovel or by using competitive machines. 

The Dedicated-Use Power Edger also utilizes interchangeable blades that can be changed via a simple 3-bolt attachment.  These multiple blades enable the machine to carry out several different functions, including:

  • Opening Planting Beds
  • Edging and Re-Defining Existing Beds
  • Preparing Silt Fence
  • Cutting a Foundation for Brick Pavers
  • Trenching for laying Irrigation, Electrical Lines, and more
  • Renovating Lawns against Sidewalks

Turf Teq’s Power Edgers are the most productive, versatile and profitable on the market today and have the following major advantages over the competition:

  • Forward Direction of Operation - ELIMINATES MANUALLY PULLING EDGER BACKWARD. The operator has clear vision to create new beds and to follow existing bed edges, including curves and circles above 22", while maintaining maximum speed for maximum productivity. This also provides optimal safety by allowing the operator to see and avoid trip hazards and other obstacles.
  • Self-Propelled - The Hydrostatic drive provides ground propulsion for infinite variable speeds from 0 to 4.5 MPH. This allows the operator to adjust travel speed to match the operating conditions for maximum productivity and minimum operator fatigue.
  • Maximized Productivity and Profits - Clear vision, forward operation, and a machine that is capable of being worked at the maximum speed for the ground conditions all day (edging at up to 150 ft/minute) equals maximized output, reduced labor requirements, and increased profits.
  • Multi-Function Capability - By changing to different blades, the machine can do multiple functions including opening new beds, re-defining existing beds, trenching and cutting foundations for brick pavers, silt fence and water drainage.
•   13HP Honda Model GXV390
•   3250 RPM Hi Idle Speed
•   20.3 ft-lb. Maximum Torque at 2500 RPM
•   Reliable, Durable Power and Long Life
•   Easy Starting
•   Pressure Lubricated

•   Turf Torq Model K62
•   1" Diameter Axle Shaft
•   Fluid: 10W/30 Class CD
•   Infinite Speed Control in Forward and Reverse
•   Internal Wet Disc Parking Brake
•   Tow Valve for Power-Off Mobility
•   Excellent Speed Metering Control

•   Heavy Formed-Tube Mainframe
•   Heavy Gauge Steel Structural Members
•   18" x 6.5" Heavy 4-Ply Lugged Drive Tires

•   Engine-Mounted Clutch/Brake for Safe Operation
•   Heavy Duty Bevel Gearbox and Sealed Bearings for Long Life

•   Adjustable Speed Control Lever for Low Effort Control in the Working Range and Fast Transport
•   Low Effort Implement Raise Lever
•   Finger Action implement Angle Control Lock
•   Low Effort Implement Clutch Control
•   9 Position Adjustable Blade Depth Control Wheel