Grouser V3 Flex Plane Leveler

Part #: GV3
The only self-adjusting land leveler on the market!

Grouser Product’s unique design takes planing to a whole new level! The patent pending design ensures the planer will follow the contour of the ground, gliding smoothly across the job site and increasing productivity. Large rear side plates and a durable design enhance the unit’s versatility in a variety of challenging situations. Your operation is unique, isn’t it time your equipment was too?

•  Self-adjusting Blade Adapts to the Contour of the Ground
•  Compatible with ANY Skid Steer
•  2” to 96” Sizes Available
•  Open View Design
•  Minimum Maintenance & Long Product Life
•  Faster Projects Mean More Profits!
Features (Refer to first image)
1. Pivoting Mechanism self-adjusts the V3 Flex Plane to varying terrains and ground conditions virtually eliminating any restrictions to travel direction. The design enables the V3 Flex Plane to adjust to the contour of the ground – preventing corners from digging in when moving to a different plane.
2. Exclusive Precision-Attach System provides a firm and accurate mounting design and allows the planer to be adjusted to the correct cutting angle for any tracked or wheeled skid loader, thus increasing cutting ability and boosting productivity.
3. A Simple Locking System simply lock the unit in place and operate it as a standard rigid plane.
4. The Two Double-Beveled Hardened Steel Cutting Edges deliver aggressive cutting action and a durable design in both directions. The blades are easily replaceable when worn.
5. Open View Design allows a clear view of the critical working area to enhance productivity and eliminate errors.
6. Cross Crumbler Beam pulverizes clumps and clods of dirt for a smooth finished surface.
7. Large Rear Side Plates offer enhanced material moving capabilities.

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