New Holland Tedders Model 163 & H5270

Part #: H5270

When you're ready to make hay, you may face a race against bad weather. A New Holland tedder helps improves your odds. Tedding "fluffs" your crop by distributing it evenly to speed drying. Air flows through it, not just over it, so you can bale sooner - before it rains.Tines automatically lift when the 163 and H5270 are folded for transport.


Model 163 Hydraulic H5270 Hydraulic
Number of rotors 4 6
Tines per rotor 6 7
Overall width 17' 8" 27' 7"

If you're in a race against bad weather, a New Holland tedder can increase your odds. A tedder fluffs up hay so air flows through it, not over it, to speed drying and allow you to bale sooner before it rains. And, if showers do hit when you have windrows or swaths in the field, your tedder can spread damp, matted-down crop, distributing it evenly for quick drying.

Model 163 H5270
Number of rotors 4 6
Tines per rotor 6 7
Operating width 17' 9" 25' 7"
Tedding width 16' 5" 27' 7"
Transport width 9' 6" 9' 10"
Weight 905 lbs 1874 lbs
Tires 15 x 6 (2)18x8.50-8/
PTO Tractor requirement 20 hp 35 hp
PTO slip clutch Standard Standard
Tractor attachment Towed Towed

  • The new hydraulic-fold H5270 tedder replaces the Model 169 and is New Holland's largest tedder model ever, using six seven-arm rotors to cover a 25 ft. 7 in. width.
  • The new fold-over design reduces transport width to a narrow 9 ft. 10 in., with a transport height of 10 ft.
  • The four-rotor 163 tedder covers a 16 ft. 5 in. width, yet folds to 9 ft. 6 in. to maneuver easily through gates or narrow roadways. Both mechanical and hydraulic frame fold versions are available. The hydraulic version saves time by letting you fold the outer rotors into a vertical position for narrow transport and control the rotor tilt angle right from your tractor seat. Just one tractor remote valve is required for operation.
  • The mounted two-rotor 157 tedder fluffs a 8 ft. 6 in. swath and maneuvers easily around smaller fields. The left-hand rotor tine bar flips up for narrow 8-ft. transport.
  • A handy crank or remote hydraulic control (157 and 163 mechanical, remote hydraulic on the 163 hydraulic and H5270) lets you fine-tune the tine height in seconds without tools.
  • A spindle/axle adjusting system (163 and H5270) lets you easily position the wheels for field or transport, right- or left-side tedding, or adjust the tilt of the rotors.
  • The fully-articulated frame (163 and H5270) hugs ground contours so tines handle all the crop without mixing soil into the hay.
  • Flotation tires mean better ground gauging and faster ground speeds in rough conditions.
  • Multi-finger couplings (163 and H5270) are virtually maintenance free, offering high resistance to wear and eliminating open universal joints. Workloads are spread evenly over 12 intermeshing forged and heat-treated fingers.
  • Slip clutch helps protect against damage from obstructions in the field.
  • Safety barriers in front of the rotor assemblies provide protection to bystanders.
  • Convenient PTO cradle holds PTO shaft when unit is parked to keep the PTO connection up and out of the dirt.