Bradco Rock Saws

Part #: Bradco-RSaw
The Bradco Rock Saw is equipped with sideshift and height adjustment features that are electronically controlled from the operator's seat. Using the needle valve flow control adjustment allows precise control of the skid shoe height, allowing digging depth to be adjusted "on the go".

Bradco Rock Saws

  • Steel planetary drive delivers high torque
  • Standard electro-hydraulic controls, depth controls and side shift
  • Protective shields for hydraulic and electrical components
  • Solid hardened steel wheels with greasable manifold pins and secluded greased zerks


  RS18 RS24
 Max Cutting Depth 18" 24"
 Overall Width 67" 67"
 Operating Height (guide arm down/up) 39.5" / 49.75" 44.0" / 58.0"
 Operating Length (guide arm down/up) 119" / 77" 132" / 89"
 Sideshift (right/left) 24.0" / 2.72" 24.0" / 2.72"
 Hydraulic Flow Requirement 22-44 gpm 30-44 gpm
 Operating Pressure 2500-3000 psi 2500-3000 psi




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