ATI Preseeder Tiller

Part #: 605
What makes the Preseeder lanscaping tiller better than the rest? The Preseeder landscaping tiller was designed from the beginning as a landscaping tiller, not just a rock rake. It's built to produce the best possible seedbed at just the right depth.
The only landscaping tiller you'll need. Ever.

•       Reduces labor, improves results on every job
•       Creates a perfect seedbed instantly
•       Tills, levels, rakes in one operation
•       Rugged and maneuverable for both commercial and residential work
•       Ideal for new construction, renovation, maintenance
•       Makes a faster rooting sodbed
Tilling - The preseeder tiller's aggresive action pulverizes soil like a rotary tiller, only much faster. Fresh soil is tilled in front of the rotor creating a uniform seed bed as deep as 4".

Leveling - The counter-rotating rotor tills soil in front of itself, chewing down high spots and filling in low spots like a blade. You control the degree of tilling depth and leveling action right from the tractor seat.

Raking - Stones and debris are raked into convenient windrows. A shallow rotor setting removes stones from the seedbed while eliminating unwanted soil from windrows.  

Model 605 725 805
Weight 935 lbs. 1165 lbs. 1225 lbs.
Rotor Width 60" 72" 80"
Tilling Width, angled 58" 70" 77"
Tilling Depth 0-3" 0-3" 0-3"
Overall Width 72.4" 84" 92.2"
Angle adjustable adjustable adjustable
Extension Behind Hitch Pins 3 positions: 43", 46", 49"
Recommended PTO Speed 540 rpm
Hitch Type 3 pt., Cat. 1
Recommended HP Range 20-30 hp 25-45 hp 25-45 hp
Smooth Rear Roller optional optional optional
Tungsten Carbide Teeth optional -- optional