Stihl Woodcutter Kit

Part #: 7010-871-0241
THe kit allows you to buy certain items together - and keep them together - in one convenient storage kit. From durable protective apparel to a helpful ID tag, STIHL helps make it easy to care for you and your equipment.

The Stihl woodcutter kit includes in this convenient 16"x21" transport and storage bag:
  • Stihl Woodcutter 6-ply Black Apron Chaps.
    • Meets protection for chain saw operators OSHA reg. 1910.266
  • Mirage Protective Glasses
    • Meets ANSI standard Z87.1
  • Stihl Woodcutter helmet system
    • Meets ANSI standard Z89.1-2003. Type 1 Class G&C
  • 13"x6" Nylon Tool Bag
  • Luggage ID tag