Art's Way Grinder Mixers

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Arts Way Manufacturing was started on Grinder Mixers and it continues to be our number one piece of equipment. We now offer three different size mixing tanks with both hammer mill and roller mill options. Roller mills provide less capacity with more consistency while hammer mills provide more capacity and smaller particle size options.

Art's Way Grinder Mixers

8215 Grinder Mixer

This brand new, top of the line model 8215 Grinder Mixer hammer mill is exactly what the big time operators have been asking for. Due to the 215 bushel capacity tank, we can boast about having is the largest unit in the United States! Additionally, our 96 four-way reversible hammers allows for powerful grinding.

7165 Grinder Mixer

This all new grinder mixer model 7165 hammer mill has the features our customers have been looking for while keeping the time tested features. Powerful grinding with 96 four way reversible hammers in addition to a large 4 ton mixing tank make this the grinder mixer to beat. Keep reading to find out why this grinder mixer is for you due to the great upgrades!

6140 Grinder Mixer

The 6140 Grinder Mixer, equipped with a 140-bushel tank, provides the producer an excellent option for grinding feed rations. Not only does the 6140 model have a large capacity tank, it features 72 hardened 4-way reversible hammers for a high speed, consistent and uniform grind. The self-contained hydraulics provides a smooth operation and maximum blend of tradition, quality and exceptional performance in the 6140 Grinder Mixer.

6105 Grinder Mixer

Art’s Way 6105 Grinder Mixer now has 36 additional hammers – doubling the number of hammers to 72 – to run faster grinding speeds and deliver a more consistent grind for excellent feed rations.


 Model 6105 6140 7165 8215
 Tank Capacity 105 bu. 140 bu. 165 bu. 215 bu.
 Horsepower Required 40-100 hp 40-100 hp 80-160 hp 100-180 hp
 Auger Feeder Length 96" 96" 96" 118"
 Auger Feeder Diameter 10" 10" 10" 10"
 Auger Feeder Type Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic Hydraulic
 Hammermill Width 20" 20" 26" 26"
 Mixing Auger Diameter 12" 12" 12" 12"
 Discharge Tube Diameter 8" 8" 10" 10"
 Supplement Hopper 21" x 24" 21" x 24" 21" x 24" 21" x 24"
 Overall Height 106" 112" 126" 135"
 Overall Width w/Auger Feeder 95" 110" 114" 120"
 Overall Length 170" 170" 175" 197"




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