Crop-Chopper Flail Harvesters

Part #: Crop-Chopper
When you need a multi-purpose machine that lives up to its name,look no further than a New Holland Crop Chopper.
  Model 38
Width, operation 10'10"
Width, transport 9'8"
Overall Height 10'2"
Overall Length 10'4"
Weight 2020 lbs
Cutting Width 72"
Cutting Height 2" to 7"
Rotor Speed 1373 rpm
Rotor Flails 40
Cutterhead Knives 3 std.
Cutterhead Speed 966 rpm
Number of Paddles 3
Adjustable Hitch 2 positions
Drive 540 rpm PTO
Tires 27x7.50-15

New Holland Crop-Chopper Flail Harvesters


Dampness and morning dew won’t slow down chopping when you own a New Holland Model 38 Crop-Chopper®. Curved cutter-head paddles give added lift, so crop gets into the wagon even when it’s moist. Blower paddles are adjustable to maintain paddle-to-band clearance for positive blowing action and reduced band wear.Heavy-duty rotor bearings, protected by special seals and lubricants, keep out moisture, dirt and debris. And, the rotor housing opens when you discharge materials on the ground—a useful feature when shredding and spreading cornstalks, mowing weeds or clearing brush and stubble.


Built-in reliability - The cutterhead has individually-adjustable knives that rechop the crop after it passes through the rotor flails. The cutterhead can also be equipped with your choice of two, three or six knives. Rotor knives feature a staggered pattern to ensure an even, uniform crop flow. And micrometer-type knife holders make it easy to adjust the knives with the shear plate, so there’s no need to loosen knife bolts.


Chops a variety of crops - The Model 38 is ideal for the farmer or rancher who cuts a variety of crops. Most often, it’s used to chop standing grass crops for daily green feeding. But it also works well when making bedding from cornstalks or straw, or shred-ding and spreading cornstalks for mulching. It mows weeds, clears small brush and stubble, and tops potatoes and beets. It even clips pastures and waterways, chops flax and cleans up rice stubble.When you need a multi-purpose machine that lives up to its name,look no further than a New Holland Crop Chopper®.




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