4"x6" Work Light

$34.65 - $47.25
Part #: sp1229985
Heavy duty agricultural lighting, 4"x6" Lamp with one piece rubber housing. Choice of 2 Beam patterns - Flood, Trapezoid

Also available: 4"x6" Work Light with On/Off Switch. Located on the back of the light. Easily turn your work light on and off with this convenient switch.

Beam Patterns:
Flood - 48' Wide x 32' Deep. Wide Spread, medium intensity for general illumination for implement and accessory equipment.
Trapezoid - 27' Wode x 98'Deep. Projects defined rectangular pattern for medium wide lighting for forward illumination.
Spot (currently unavailable)- 1000' Deep. High intensity spot beam for far-reaching illumination object or end-of-row identification.

Features & Benefits

  • Replacement Sealed Beam
  • Fully Adjustable 1/2" Mounting Bolt
  • 12V - 50W / 4 Amp Halogen
  • Choice of 2 Beam Patterns, Flood & Trapezoid