T4 Series - TIER 4B

Part #: NH-T4B
Whether you are in search of a basic utility tractor to haul wagons and rake hay, or a daily workhorse to feed the cows and scrape the barnyard, a T4 tractor is for you.

New Holland Tractors - T4 Series


When you’re looking to hire someone to work on your farm, what qualities do you look for? Maybe you think that your new helper should be versatile so that they can easily adapt to any job that you may ask them to do. Perhaps dependability is important as it ensures that they will report to work on time and get the job done right. Or, possibly you consider strength as a deciding factor for those rigorous and demanding tasks on your farm. Fortunately for you, the T4 Series tractor has evolved with more efficient power to truly create your ultimate farmhand.


Whether you’re in search of a basic utility tractor to haul wagons and rake hay, or a daily workhorse to feed the cows and scrape the barnyard, a T4 tractor is for you. Choose a T4 tractor with a flat-deck ROPS platform or the VisionView™ cab. You can also select a 2WD heavy-duty front axle, the standard-duty 4WD front axle or the heavy-duty FWD front axle. And there’s a wide selection of transmissions, including an easy-to-use Hi-Lo transmission—New Holland’s Dual Command™ transmission. The choices are yours to make.


New Holland’s strategy for Tier 4B compliancy is to equip tractors between 75 and 120 horsepower with the ECOBlue™ Compact SCR + Light CEGR after-treatment system. The cooling requirements and costs associated with this system are less significant within this horsepower range compared to larger-horsepower tractors. In addition, a utility tractor’s dimensions are of vital importance for maneuvering in tight spaces. Using this system provides T4 series tractors with some of the efficiencies the SCR system that the larger-horsepower tractors benefit from, yet remain compact enough to maintain the utility tractor size. To give you further peace of mind, New Holland’s engine development partner, FPT Industrial is the only company which has completely eliminated Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) from all of its engines with outputs of over 75hp. What does that mean in practice? Well, it means that only FPT Industrial engines offer the benefits of optimized fuel consumption and reduced operating costs across this vast power range.


Depending on your needs, you can equip your T4 tractor with the transmission that is well suited for you. Choose between the standard 12X12 Mechanical Shuttle or optional 12X12 Power Shuttle, 20x20 Power Shuttle w/creeper, 24x24 Dual Command™, or 40x40 Dual Command™ w/creeper


  T4.90 T4.100 T4.110 T4.120
 PTO Horsepower 73 hp 85 hp 93 hp 99 hp
 Engine Horsepower 86 hp 99 hp 107 hp 117 hp
 Engine T4B Compact SCR + Light CEGR T4B Compact SCR + Light CEGR
 Standard Transmission 12x12 Mechanical Shuttle 12x12 Mechanical Shuttle
 Drivetrain 2WD HD or 4WD 2WD HD or 4WD


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