Part #: Bidirectional
You're looking at the world's most versatile tractor.

The productivity of the TV6070 Bidirectional tractor is limited only by your imagination.

Without question, the New Holland TV6070 Bidirectional tractor is the most productive and versatile 105-PTO horsepower tractor you can buy. The Bidirectional lets you mount and power implements on either end to get the best combination of visibility, traction and weight balance. You can push and pull implements to finish one job in half the time. The unique Turnabout console allows the seat, steering wheel, dashboard and controls to pivot 210 degrees as a unit, so you can face your work. No matter which direction you travel, you get an infinite selection of speeds thanks to the hydrostatic drive system. You're as productive going cab-end forward as you are going engine-end forward.

  • Better maneuverability - The Bidirectional is unique in its class in yet another way. It articulates up to 45 degrees so you turn sharper and more accurately for reduced crop damage at the end of the rows and better maneuverability with a loader in tight places. You get best-in-class turning at all track settings. The TV6070 wheelbase is also longer than conventional tractors for a better ride and more operator comfort.
  • Superior traction - There's more. The Bidirectional keeps you working when other tractors can't. Four equal-size tires and full-time four-wheel drive give the TV6070 superior traction in wet, icy or muddy conditions. Slippage is minimized, resulting in more effective horsepower use and less tire wear.
  • Differential lock provides more pull in tough spots - Adifferential lock on the cab-end axle locks both wheels together to pull through rough spots. Optional engine-end differential lock provides traction at all four wheels. Both are electro-hydraulically controlled with rocker switches on the right-hand console.
  • Double your PTO productivity - You can equip your Bidirectional tractor with two PTOs for unlimited flexibility when doing PTO work. A two-speed 540 and 1000 rpm PTO shaft is standard at the cab end.A two-speed 540 and 1000 rpm shaft is a factory- or dealer-installed option at the engine end.
  • Choose your tire package - The TV6070 can be factory equipped with seven different bias or radial tire packages.Among the options are non-directional tires.With these tires, the lugs are always facing forward, so they perform equally well, no matter what direction you're driving. The tread pattern has a high center contact area for excellent ride and handling. Multiple interlocking lugs provide increased traction edges.
  • Select from two Quick-Attach loaders to turn your TV6070 into the ultimate loader tractor with outstanding visibility, maneuverability and overall convenience.

Engine TV6070
Rated PTO power 105 hp
Bare engine power 155 hp
Type diesel
Rated speed 2200 rpm
Aspiration Turbocharged
Cylinders 6
Displacement 411 in³
Bio deiesel compatibility up to 100%
3-Point Hitch  
Cab end (standard) Cat II
Engine end (optional) Cat II
Lift capacity - cab end 8700 lbs
Lift capacity - engine end 4000 lbs
Cab end drawbar Standard
Engine end drawbar Optional
Type Multi-range hydrostatic
Ground Speeds 0-19.5 mph
Hydrostatic Drive TV6070
Type Electrically controlled,
8-speed range motor
Pump Variable displacement
Drawbar pin 14.3"
Drawbar hanger 14.8"
Height to top of exhaust 125.6"
Length 183.9"
Wheelbase 118.1"
Width 99.6"