Earth & Turf Linear Aerator

Part #: Linear Aerator
It's Technology Changes the Way Aeration is Done!
Linear Aeration can reduce sports injuries by softening turf on athletic fields and arenas. Soil and thatch restriction are permanently modified by the process of cutting vertical grooves (1/2" wide, 3" deep), then filling with topdressing materials such as calcined clay, compost or sand.
Linear Aeration improves water infiltration and retention, turf and root growth, nutrient absorption and organic decomposition. The one-pass design of the Earth & Turf Linear Aerator assures maximum cultivation of turf on athletic fields, golf courses and polo grounds.

Weight 1035 lbs
Rotor Width 60"
Aerating Width 58"
Aerating Depth 3"
Overall Width, Mounted 72.4"
Recommended Tractor HP 35-45 hp
Recommended PTO Speed 540 rpm max
Rotor RPM at PTO Speed 168 rpm
Drive Chain 100H
Hitch Type Cat. I 3-point