Prowler OTT Track System

Part #: Prowler-TS
Built of high chromium and manganese steel components, our over-the-tire track systems are designed to withstand extreme conditions and provide hundreds of hours of service. These tracks are also very cost effective, as all components are replaceable. Each set comes with a free installation kit and can be installed in less than an hour, under ideal conditions.

Prowler Extreme Duty Skid Steer Over-The-Tire Tracks

Predator Track System

The Prowler Predator steel track system is an economical way of equipping your skid steer loader with OTT tracks. A set of Predators provide increased flotation in muddy conditions, as well as serious grip and traction in rough, uneven terrain. The open double bar design allows for easy displacement of soft soils and debris during normal operation. The Predator track system is compatible with skid steers utilizing 10x16.5, 12x16.5, or 14x17.5 pneumatic tires.

Stealth Track System

The Prowler Stealth OTT system provides the highest flotation while traveling over sand, loose gravel and mud. The easily replaceable rubber pads provide a smoother ride for the operator, while eliminating damage to asphalt, concrete and other sensitive surfaces. The high quality rubber pads provide many hours of worry-free service. Four bolts secure each rubber pad to the steel chain, making it easy to access and replace the pads as necessary. The Stealth track system is compatible with skid steers utilizing 10x16.5 and 12x16.5 pneumatic tires.


Fusion Track System

The patented Prowler Fusion is the industry’s only 2-n-1 over-the-tire track system. The Fusion system consists of a double grouser steel track design with optional bolt-on rubber pads. When operated with the high durometer rated rubber pads, the system provides results similar to our stealth track system: high flotation coupled with a smoother ride and protection to sensitive surfaces. The Fusion rubber pads can easily be mounted and dismounted by one person. When used without the rubber pads, the fusion tracks offer performance similar to a steel excavator or dozer track. The Fusion track system is compatible with skid steers utilizing 10x16.5 and 12x16.5 pneumatic tires.




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