Hayliner Square Balers

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The Hayliner name proudly returns across all New Holland Square Baler models—fusing legendary, time-tested performance and reliability with new precision technology to provide you with even greater bale uniformity and quality like never before.

*New Models for 2023*

New Holland Hayliner Square Balers


Hayliner Square Balers


For generations, haymaking operations of all sizes have depended on New Holland small square balers for impressive quality and reliability. Since New Holland introduced the first automatic self-tying baler that revolutionized baling through the balers of today, no other brand comes close to the number of small square balers sold—and that’s for good reason. Today, the Hayliner® name proudly returns across all models—fusing legendary, time-tested performance and reliability with new precision technology to provide you with even greater bale uniformity and quality like never before.


The time-tested side-fill design provides you with convenience and confidence. In the field, the baler swings out to the right of your tractor, making it easier to see than an inline baler design. Additionally, this design also means windrows won’t bunch up as they pass underneath a low tractor drawbar or hitch pin.

New Holland Hayliner


The Hayliner 265 is perfect for traditional baling operations with its 65-inch wide five-bar SuperSweep™ pickup, heavy flywheel, and fast, 93 strokes-per-minute plunger speed. Choose between the reliable wire twisting system or the standard-duty twine knotter. For larger baling operations, the Hayliner 275 has a larger 75-inch-wide six-bar SuperSweep pickup with a pneumatic gauge wheel and a heavy-duty twine knotter with a split frame for easy servicing and reliability. For professional-grade performance, commercial operations should select the Hayliner 275 PLUS for superior bale density and shape ahead of collection systems. Along with the same features as the Hayliner 275, it’s also equipped with hydraformatic, four-way bale tension, cast iron hay wedges, hardened plunger rails, a longer, heavier bale case for unsurpassed reliability, and a larger twine box. Rest assured – whichever model you choose, you’ll get proven reliability, impressive capability, and tight bales that are easy to stack and feed.

New Holland Square Balers


When it comes to consistent bale length, our technology stacks up. Variation in bale lengths can make a long day even longer. To enhance your productivity, we’ve developed the first precision solution for the Hayliner Series: electronic bale length control. Poised to transform small square bale making and handling, this solution combines the capacity you need with greater bale length control, right from your smartphone or tablet.


Hayliners feature a rotary feeding system that’s durable, reliable, easy to service, and simple to adjust. This system provides smooth, even flow of crop through the baler to reduce leaf loss and produce uniform, high quality bales. Crop moves into the bale chamber with heavy-duty, paired, rotating tines and a feeder fork. The system is timed to keep material flowing evenly into the bale chamber by allowing the tines to overlap for smooth, continuous crop movement. For maximum capacity, a fast plunger speed of 93 strokes per minute with a 30-inch stroke means you have the capacity to handle big windrows at impressive speeds.


  Hayliner 265 Hayliner 275 Hayliner 275 Plus
 Bale Size
 Cross Section 14" x 18" 14" x 18" 14" x 18"
 Length Adjustable, 12" to 52"
 Sweep Pickup
 Width inside 65" 75" 75"
 Width on flare 70" 80" 80"
 Number of tines 110 156 156
 Number of tine bars 5 6 6
 Floating windguard 8 rods 13 rods 13 rods
 Feeding System
 Type High-Capacity, Rotary
 Feed Rotors 2 3 3
 Density System Adjustable springs & tension doors 4-way Hydroformatic
 Height (max) 70" 71" 71"
 Width 110" 120" 120"
 Length (transport) 205" 205" 217"
 Min. HP Required 62 hp 75 hp 75 hp


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