Small Square Balers

Part #: BC5000
Operators who custom bale, especially for horse farms, are big fans of New Holland square balers. New Holland bales are the only choice for hand-feeding because they quickly separate into flakes. Professionals put their trust in BC5000 model balers because they make consistently dense, well-shaped bales that are easy to handle.

New Holland is the haytools leader.

For generations, New Holland has set the gold standard for haymaking. In fact, New Holland's reputation for innovation and quality began with the small square baler, a machine that revolutionized hay and straw harvesting and put New Holland on the map.

When New Holland introduced the first successful automatic hay baler nearly 70 years ago, farmers immediatley recognized its value and rushed to buy it. More that 700,000 balers later, New Holland is still the leader in balers, with a well-earned reputation for quality, reliability and engineering excellence.

There have been more New Holland small square balers sold than any other brand with good reason - New Holland is the hay-making specialist.

BC5000 Series Small Square Balers
Model BC5050 BC5060 BC5070 BC5080
Bale Size 14" x 18" 14" x 18" 14" x 18" 16" x 18"
Plunger Speed 79 93 93 93
Pick-up width 65" 65A 75" 75"
Min. PTO hp 35 hp 62 hp 75 hp 80 hp
  • Ask those who know. Commercial haying operations and operators who custom bale for horse farms put their trust in the proven performance of New Holland balers. They know their livelihoods depend on making consistent bales that meet the exacting demands of horse and livestock owners.
  • New Holland bales are the only choice for hand-feeding. You can quickly separate the flakes of New Holland bales, and with New Holland's consistent bale density, you know exactly how much feed each animal receives.
  • Rugged bale chamber is designed for better bale formation. Six hay dogs hold charges in place for firm, quality bales.
  • Fast plunger speed and long 30-inch plunger stroke maximize baler capacity. Speed is set from 79 to 93 SPM, depending on the model. The strong plunger packs uniform, dense bales in all crop conditions. High-strength steel is used throughout the plunger mechanism, and the plunger rides on sealed ball bearings and white-iron slide blocks for consistent performance and minimum maintenance.
  • Proven twine knotters or wire twisters go thousands of bales without a miss. Gear drives make them even easier to keep in time. Twisters are available on the BC5060 and BC5070 only.
  • Heavy-duty tongue attaches directly to the axle (not the bale chamber) to keep towing stresses from passing through the chamber. Two field positions are available for use with various tractor widths. Optional hydraulic tongue swing allows you to use hydraulic muscle to swing the baler into transport or working position quickly and easily.
  • The tapered roller bearings and heat-treated, alloy-steel gears of the main-drive gearbox run in oil for smooth, quiet working.
  • A power-pivot PTO is standard on all models. You can make tight turns with less wear on the universal joints.
  • Optional bale chutes include a quarter-turn bale chute that drops bales on their sides so twine is kept away from the ground to prevent rotting. Bales are placed in a proper position for retrieval by automatic bale wagon. The optional triple-purpose chute supports bales as they leave the chamber, and can be set to roll bales to the left, away from next windrow.
  • Auxiliary lights (standard on the BC5080 and optional on all other models) and a road light kit allow for night baling and safe transport.
  • BC5070 Hayliner - Bales produced by the Hayliner are more uniformly shaped, have improved bale length consistency, and are slightly heavier.
  • New Holland has made many improvements to the BC5000 Series square balers for 2009. Most refine existing features, to make them more convenient or even more durable.
  • More Durability on All moels. Building in more strength and durability is one way New Holland has improved this already top-of-line baler. New improvements include:
    • Reinforced tension rail anchor support
    • Convex slide block for longer wear and improved plunger performance
    • Haydog spring mount reinforcement for improved durability
  • Refined Design and More Convenience. Adding more conveniences also improves productivity:
    • Flip-up shield over main gearbox improves serviceability
    • Redesigned knotter gear drive provides easier pickup belt service
    • Easier access to the plunger bearing and cam for inspection and adjustment
    • New hydraulic hose storage slots in the power pivot shield
    • New optional halogen work lights for improved visibility
    • New optional roading light kit for states requiring them
  • More info on the BC5070 HAYLINER: 
    • High-capacity twine box, 8 large twine ball capacity 
    • Heavier bale case for improved durability 
    • Extended bale case for more uniform bales 
    • Hydroformatic 4-way bale tension more uniform bales 
    • Heavy-duty plunger rail for increased durability 
    • Larger flotation tires for a smoother ride

Bale Size BC5050 BC5060 BC5070 BC5080
Cross Section 14" x 18" 14" x 18" 14" x 18" 16" x 18"
Length Adjustable, 12" to 52" Adjustable, 12" to 52"
Super-Sweep Pickup  
Width inside 65" 65" 75" 75"
Width on flare 70" 70" 80" 80"
Number of teeth 88 110 156 156
Number of tine bars 4 5 6 6
Floating windguard 8 rods 8 rods 13 rods 13 rods
Feeding System  
Type Six feeder tines on
a moving finger bar
Packer fork in combination with paired rotors
Paired Rotors two three three
Height (max) 58" 70" 71" 71"
Width 108" 110" 120" 120"
Length 240" 247" 247" 247"
Min. HP Required 35 hp 62 hp 75 hp 80 hp