3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector, MP3 Compatible, AM/FM Tuner

Part #: headset

3M TEKK Protection Technology

Protect your ears while keeping yourself motivated at your job site with your favorite tunes or radio programming with the 3M TEKK WorkTunes. An integrated AM/FM radio and stereo input jack for connecting an MP3 player, you can enjoy music while taking part in activities that require hearing protection. A great choice for use on construction sites, in the workshop, or in the yard while mowing, the WorkTunes hearing protector offers an EPA noise reduction rating of 22 decibels.

You'll enjoy convenient, comfortable hearing protection from the WorkTunes headset, which features lightweight gel/foam cushions that feel great even after wearing for an entire day, an adjustable stainless steel headband with padded top. Hearing protectors are recommended whenever you encounter extended periods of sound levels regularly exceeding 85 dBA--essentially, a level of noise where you feel the need to shout in order to be heard by someone just 3-feet away.

The radio and its controls are housed in one cup, and you'll be able to quickly tune to your desired AM or FM radio stations with the easily accessible seek/scan tuning buttons. Reception strength may vary depending upon location. You can also save up to 10-preset stations. Other controls include a combined on/off/volume control and a toggle button that switches between AM and FM radio.

You can also connect an optional MP3 player (such as an Apple iPod), CD player or other portable devices via the stereo input jack. Additionally, the WorkTunes headset protects your hearing from both the external environment and the music you're listening to thanks to a volume control limiter that tops out at 85 dB.

The radio and digital input are powered by 2 AA batteries (not included), which provide approximately 140 hours of operating time.

What's in the box

  • One 3M TEKK WorkTunes with digital tuning hearing protector, instructions, and one connector cord to connect an MP3 player to the hearing protector.

3M WorkTunes Hearing Protectors have long been an ideal choice for noisy projects (85 decibels and up). But there was room for improvement. To enhance the durability and usability of the 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector, it was redesigned from the inside out. Significant design improvements make the new 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector easier to use. Innovative features like Voice Assist allow users to keep the unit on to protect their hearing, while still being able to control music and talk radio with the touch of a button. The Bass Boost option lets users customize their music experience. And with the ability to program up to 50 stations, users can listen to what they want, when they want. Stronger construction methods and more durable materials help to prevent breakage at critical points, and better withstand daily use. Enhanced radio reception, a recessed input jack, redesigned cup and cushions for reduced head pressure and a more effective seal, and a lower two-point attachment on the headband are just some of the functional and comfort improvements of the new 3M WorkTunes Hearing Protector.

Did you know?

Consistent exposure to noises 85 decibels and above can cause Self-Induced Hearing Loss (SIHL). SIHL is 100 percent preventable with proper hearing protection, such as the WorkTunes Hearing Protector.

Why 3M Safety?

Doing it right means doing it safely. That means choosing the right safety products before the project begins. 3M Safety Products, a full portfolio of personal protection and home safety products, are designed to help keep DIYers and professionals protected in and around the home. We strive to give consumers the confidence in knowing they are prepared with reliable products from a trusted brand, so they can stay focused on the task at hand, not on their safety products. 3M Safety Products, a full portfolio of innovative respiratory, eyewear and hearing products, are designed to help keep consumers and pros protected while they perform home improvement projects. As a long-time leader in personal safety products, 3M offers a complete line of consumer and professional/occupational safety equipment in addition to promoting good safety habits.

More new-and-improved features
  • Stronger materials used throughout to help reduce breakage
  • Automatic shutoff to conserve battery life
  • Improved radio reception and sound quality
  • Decibel limiter (82 decibels) help prevent users from harmful sound levels.