Brillion Flail Shredder

Part #: Brillion-FS
Brillion Flail Shredders cut and shred residue with ease. Brillion Flail Shredders are available in 12’ and 15’ models. Offered in both 540 and 1000 RPM PTO drives, these machines can be used on a wide variety of tractor sizes and models.

Brillion Flail Shredders

Heavy-Duty Equals Reliability

The heavy-duty 1/4″ thick flail shroud and integral frame provide the backbone of the Flail Shredder. Couple that with a high capacity, triple belt driveline, and a rugged transport axle with wheel tread adjustable tire assemblies, the result is a machine that will provide many years of reliable service. Other features like the replaceable shroud wear plates, flexible rubber debris shields, high capacity gearbox, and an integral over running driveline clutch, add to the utility of the Brillion Flail Shredder.

Standard Equipment

All models include a 3″ x 8″ hydraulic cylinder with hoses. The short-coupled adjustable drawbar comes with a safety chain and hitch jack. Safety warning lights and an SMV sign round out the list of standard equipment. The 1000 RPM models have a constant velocity PTO shaft, and all 15’ models have four transport wheel assemblies as standard equipment.

Economical Versatility

Flail Shredders have primarily been used for chopping corn residue after harvest to help enhance tillage operations and speed up the decomposition of trash. Like many other machines in the farm equipment industry, the Flail Shredder has been transformed into a multi-operational unit. It is also being used for mowing waterways, clipping pastures, and in some cases, unique topping operations in some specialty crops. Different knife styles are available: side slice, cup knives, or a combination of both will provide different results in different crops. An optional center-cut kit will enhance the overall function in non-row crops.

Cut & Shred with Ease

  • 12′ & 15′ Sizes Available
  • Short Coupled Adjustable Hitch
  • Leveling Ratchet Jack
  • Heavy-Duty PTO Drive (540 or 1000 RPM Models Available) with Over Running Clutch
  • Fully Enclosed Drive Lines and Belts
  • Twin Triple Matched Belt Rotor Drives
  • End Drive Shields are Ventilated to Keep the Belt Drive Running Cool
  • 1/4″ Thick Shroud
  • Rubber Shields Contain Debris Under the Hood
  • 3″ x 8″ Hydraulic Cylinder and Hoses Standard Equipment
  • Equipped with 9.5L x 15-8 Ply Tires
  • 12′ Models Feature Two Wheel Kits
  • 15′ Models Feature Four Wheel Kits
  • Safety Warning Lights




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