Universal Stump Grinder

Part #: SC-19
The Universal stump grinder is available in Lo-Flo and Hi-Flo models to match your skid-steer hydraulic flows. In addition with features such as the offset cutting head and remote hydraulic controls, the operator is able to see the whole cutting area and achieve a greater level of productivity.
Swing-in controls — Depth and swing functions are easily and precisely controlled with the swing-in hydraulic controls. The direct acting hydraulic valve mounts on a swingin arm that swings into the operator compartment for fast, precise control of the cutting head.
Priority control circuit — The hydraulic circuit on Universal stump grinders give metered flow to the control circuit without reducing the power to the cutting head.
Stabilizer rollers — For ease of operation the Universal stump grinders are mounted on stabilizer rollers. This allows the operator to position or reposition the grinder without operating individual stabilizers. The rollers allow movement of the unit on the ground without any damage to the surface.
Offset design
— The patented offset design of the Universal stump grinder increases productivity by providing maximum visibility to the stump. This allows better control of the cutting head. The offset design also directs the chips and dust to the side and away from the operator, improving operator comfort.
Standard and high flow versions — Universal stump grinders are available in standard flow and high flow versions. The two versions allow you to match the stump grinder to the hydraulic power available from your skid steer.
High torque direct-drive motors — Both standard and high flow versions utilize

Model SC-19 SC-21
Minimum Hydraulic HP 18 30
Swing Width 67" (90°) 67" (90°)
Below Ground Depth 7.5" 7.5"
Above Ground Height 24" 24"
Number of Teeth 16 32
Weight 700 lbs 769 lbs