MillCreek Tiger Cubs Topdresser

Part #: 3100
The Turf Tiger Cub 3100 & 3200 are the fastest, most affordable high-capacity top dressers in the world of sports turf. Cut top dressing time in half without compromising precision, speed, accuracy or versatility.
The fastest, most affordable high-capacity topdresser in sports turf today

•   Sand/Peat Topdressing
•   Infield Mixes
•   Compost
•   Grass Clippings
•   Synthethic Turf Infill
•   Lime
•   Wood Chips
•   De-Icing Materials

Topdress twice as fast without compromising precision. Exclusive Millcreek Saber Tooth technology gives you speed, accuracy and versatility unlike any other topdresser on the market today. Theres nothing else as affordable for limited budgets at schools, park and recreation departments, and golf courses. Turf Tiger Cubs come in two sizes, 1.8 and 2.3 cubic yard capacity.
Turf Tiger Cubs are user friendly and more versatile than any other equipment of its kind thanks to the remarkable Saber Tooth beater that lets you apply all kinds of bulk material with precision, power & speed.

There is no better value in sports turf topdressing equipment.

•   Choice of 1.8 or 2.3 cu. yd. heaped capacity
•   Spreads up to 8' wide
•   Application depth from a dusting up to 1"
Spreads any material wet or dry
•   Saber Tooth beaters never clog
•   Ideal for heavy applications  

Specs 3100 3200
Capacity (struck/heaped) 1.0/1.8 yd³ 1.3/2.3 yd³
Capacity (weight) 3000 lbs 3750 lbs
Body Dimensions (LxWxH) 89.5" x 37" x 17.5" 114" x 37" x 17.5"
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH) 132" x 70" x 51" 156" x 70" x 51"
Loading Height 43" 43"
Construction All steel, poly floor
Apron Conveyor #87 steel detachable chain
Tires Turf (26.5 x 14 x 12, 4-ply)
Ground Pressure (loaded) 18 psi 19 psi
Beater Bearings Sealed ball bearings
Beater Drive Gear box / Chain
Apron Drive Gear box / Chain reduction
Body Finish Powder coating
Weight (w/tires) 1140 lbs 1300 lbs
Tractor Weight Required 2000 lbs 2250 lbs
Tractor HP Required 25+ hp 30+ hp