Dymax 20" Ranch Axe Tree Shear

Part #: Dymax20
Built to last! The premier tree shear available today!



The Dymax 20" Skid Steer Tree Shear is the premier tree shear available today for skid steer loaders working in pasture cleanup throughout Texas. Ideally suited for cutting moisture hogging cedar and junipers the Dymax 20” Ranch Axe is built to last. With a design based upon proven technology and years of experience, these, rugged, dependable tools provide thousands of hours of effective pasture reclamation. 

The Dymax 20” Skid Steer Tree Shear is not suited for shearing hardwood species such as mesquite, oak, osage orange (hedge), locust. If hardwood shearing is necessary see the Dymax 14” Ranch Axe.

The Dymax Ranch Axe Tree Shear is the standard to which others aspire. There is no finer Tree Shear on the market today!


Dimensions Ranch Axe Tree Shear
Weight (lbs.) 1900
Height (in.) 40.25"
Width (in.) 82.72"
Overall depth (in.) 40.00"
Shear blade material 1" Hardox Steel Single-Bevel Blade
Machine Requirements 20” Ranch Axe with Brushguard
Operating Capacity 2,100 (minimum)
Hydraulic Flow Requirement: gpm 17 (minimum)
Hydraulic Pressure Requirement: psi 2,500 (minimum) - 3,000 (maximum)
Cylinder Rod (in.) Bore (in.) Stroke (in.)
Shear 3.00" 6.00" 12.00"
•    Near Ground Level Cutting
•    Single bevel shear blades are easily replaced when worn
•    Shear blades are comprised of high tensile steel
•    Heavy Duty box weld constructed shearing arms
•    Extremely powerful 6” shearing cylinders
•    Convenient and well protected hose routing
•    Brush Guard assembly
•    3" Chrome Plated Pivot Pins and replaceable bearings