Dymax 10" Timberwolf Forestry Tree Shears

Part #: Dymax10 Timber
Versatile. Efficient. Unmatched.

The Dymax 10" Timberwolf Forestry Tree Shear for Hydraulic Excavators is unmatched in performance and quality.


Ideally suited for right-of-way maintenance, general land clearing, thinning and hazardous fuels reduction programs. Made for small excavators with an operating weight of 13,000 lbs to 20,000 lbs.

Weight: lbs Height: in Width: in Recommended
10" Timberwolf 1,180 45.47 54.60 Standard Auxiliary
(two way flow)
10" Timberwolf
with Accumulator
1,310 45.47 54.60 Standard Auxiliary
(setup with 24v diverter valve  for accumulator operation – requires switch to be located in
cab for operation)

10" Timberwolf Rod: in Bore: in Stroke: in
Shear Cylinders 2.00" 4" 8.00"
Grapple Cylinders 1.12" 2" 6.75"
Accumulator Cylinder 1.12" 2" 6.75"

Dymax Timberwolf Tree Shears for Excavators require two way hydraulic flow. Standard models are setup through a sequencing valve which allows the grapple arms to secure the tree before shearing. Accumulator models are setup with a 24v Hi Flow diverter valve. (a switch must be installed in cab for operation). If machines have 2 sets of lines groups then a diverter valve is not needed. Contact Dymax for more details on operating parameters.

Machine Requirements

Shear Model Machine
Operating Weight
Hydraulic Flow: gpm Hydraulic Pressure: psi
10” Excavator
Tree Shear
13,000 to 20,000 lbs 14 (minimum) 2,500 (minimum) 3,000 (maximum)

•    Rugged, durable, solid steel grapple arms securely grab the tree
•    Solid steel shearing arms
•    Near Ground Level Cutting
•    Shear blades comprised of high tensile steel and can easily be sharpened or replaced
•    Compact frame design
•    Convenient hose routing to hard-line shearing cylinders

•    Hydraulic Rotating Models
•    Accumulator – for bunch cutting smaller diameter trees