Forage Blowers

Part #: F62B
Center-fill silos over 100 feet tall!

The high-capacity F62B forage blower is engineered to quickly center-fill tall silos and make it easy to keep pace with harvesters and wagons. An improved design means vibration and noise are reduced and makes filling your silos less of a chore. And, the F62B is easy to transport and set up.

F62B 540 rpm, 37" hopper width, 60" blower fan, 100' + silo height

It’s easy to keep pace with harvesters and wagons with the F62B forage blower. This high-capacity blower moves mountains of material thanks to its 12-inch feed auger positioned at a 30-degree angle to the eightpaddle, 60-inch-diameter blower fan. With a paddle tip speed of 8,460 feet per minute, the F62B blows corn silage at a capacity of up to 180 tons per hour and haylage at a capacity of up to 110 tons per hour.

Model F62B
Length 108"
Width 100"
Weight 1605 lbs.
Blowing height Over 100'
Blower housing 60" dia.
Paddles (adjustable) 8
Paddle tip speed 8460 fpm
Drive Direct PTO
Model F62B
Diameter Auger-12"
Length Auger-50"
Width 37"
Height from ground Adjustable: 20½"-27½"
Feeder tpye Auger
PTO 540 rpm
Corn silage Up to 180 tons/hr
Haylage Up to 110 tons/hr