New Holland LM5000 Compact Series

Part #: LM5020
Get into your narrow poultry house or greenhouse with ease. Get under that low doorway to your supply building without worry. Get around silage bunkers, in-field equipment or construction sheds with little more than a turn or two of the steering wheel. With the new LM5030 and LM5020 compact telehandlers from New Holland, accessing the tight spaces and hard-to-reach corners of your mixed-farming operation, landscaping yard or municipal site is no longer a chore in itself.


The new LM5030 and LM5020 telehandlers are as compact and low profile as any units in their class, but feature greater stability when lifting loads at full extension. That means big loading, stacking and pushing jobs are no problem for these small, sturdy material-handlers.

Offering tremendous lift height and lift capacity combined with a tight turning radius, the LM5030 and LM5020 telehandlers are more versatile than a tractor fitted with a loader and more efficient than a larger skid steer, so you no longer have to compromise on productivity. Especially suited for mixed farming, these compact telehandlers let you do more work in more places — and do it faster.

Delivering 101 hp that’s ideal for hilly conditions, silage applications and moving heavy pallet loads, the LM5030 telehandler offers big, usable power in a small footprint. The 85-hp LM5020 is a multi-purpose tool carrier designed with a skid steer-style mounting plate and hydraulic connections, putting almost any attachment at your disposal. Maximum lift height with the two-stage, telescoping boom ranges from 19 ft. (LM5020) to nearly 21 ft. (LM5030), with powerful lift capacities of 5,510 lbs. and 6,175 lbs., respectively.

COMFORT AND CONTROL ON THE JOB A spacious cab — larger than most competitive models — belies the compact size of these machines and provides 360-degree visibility. The LM5020 cab comes with a heater, adjustable seat and sunshade; A/C is optional. The LM5030 is equipped with an air-ride seat, A/C standard and a comfort package. A single multi-function joystick provides precise control over all boom functions, including raise/lower, telescoping and attachment curl/dump and auxiliary hydraulics. 

Model Max Lift Height Max Lift Capacity Lift Capacity to full Height
LM5020 19.0' 5510 3750
LM5030 20.8' 6175 4400