Turf Aerators

Part #: Aerator
AerWay's "Advanced Aeration Systems" offer you low cost, low maintenance, long lasting options for turf aeration
Frame Styles
  • 3-point Hitch - Standard Category 1, or 2 three-point hitch (depending on size) for basic sports turf and fairway aeration.
  • Adjustable Roller - Tine assemblies adjust for more or less aggressive soil movement: straight for aeration, offset for renovation purposes.
  • Hydraulic Tag-along - Designed for use with tractors or utility vehicles. Pneumatic turf tires make transport convenient.
Tine Styles
  • Shattertine - for use on roughs, fairways, tees and sports fields. As the Aerway moves over the surface of the ground, the unique angles and offsets of the shattertines crack and shatter compacted soil 7 inches and deeper, resulting in increased microbial activity and better fertilizer utilization. Plants respond with stronger root systems and healthier top growth.
  • Sportstine - for use on sports fields, fairways, tees and approaches. Its usage is fast, effective and economical. It can even be used mid-season when the need is greatest and the "window of opportunity"exists. Sportstine lets you aerate and play right away.
  • Finetine - for use on greens, tees, approaches, and fine turf. It can be combined with the Greens Express smoothing roller on most Aerway frames for a fast venting aeration of greens without any disruption of play, and there is no clean up. Eighteen holes can typically be aerated in about three hours.
Frame Size Hp Required Weight
 3-point Hitch 4' 15-22 hp 495 lbs
 3-point Hitch 5' 20-30 hp 632 lbs
 3-point Hitch 6' 25-35 hp 749 lbs
 3-point Hitch 7' 6" 30-40 hp 1060 lbs
 Adjustable Roller - Quick Adjust 6' 30-50 hp 1326 lbs
 Adjustable Roller - Quick Adjust 8' 40-60 hp 1715 lbs
 Adjustable Roller - Manual Adjust 7' 6" 35-65 hp 1725 lbs
 Hydraulic Tag-along 4' 18-25 hp 655 lbs
 Hydraulic Tag-along 5' 25-35 hp 792 lbs
 Hydraulic Tag-along 6' 30-40 hp 909 lbs
 Hydraulic Tag-along 7' 6" 35-50 hp 1220 lbs