FS45 Homeowner Trimmer

Part #: FS45
The STIHL FS 45 trimmer is our lightest gasoline-powered string trimmer. Weighing in at just nine pounds plus cutting attachment and deflector, it’s also one of our most popular, and you don’t get to be popular in this game unless you’re doing something right. Part of the STIHL HomeScaper Series™, this grass trimmer features a dependable engine and curved shaft for better control around shrubs and fences. It also accepts a range of cutting heads, including our STIHL PolyCut™ lawn-trimming head, for greater versatility. Not too bad for a value-priced trimmer.
Loop Handle

A thumb screw allows the ergonomic loop handle to be easily adjusted to the desired position without tools. 

Electronic Ignition Module 
The electronic ignition provides reliable starting and because it is fully enclosed, it is protected from moisture and debris for longer service life. 

Multi-Function Control Handle

Having easy access to all of the controls on one comfortable handle makes it easy to complete tasks so the operator’s hand never has to leave the handle. 

Purge Pump Primer
By pressing the bulb, this small fuel pump delivers fuel to the carburetor, reducing the number of starting pulls needed after an extended break between uses.

FS 45 Specifications
DISPLACEMENT 27.2 cc (1.66 cu. in.)
ENGINE POWER 0.75 kW (1.01 bhp)
WEIGHT* 4.1 kg (9.0 lbs.)
FUEL CAPACITY 330 cc (11.2 oz)
*Weight without cutting attachment or deflector.