MS220 Ground Drive Topdresser

Part #: MS220
The MultiSpread™ Model 220 is available in two-wheel ground drive or a hydraulic drive version. This topdresser utilizes the "widespread beater" system and will spread wet or dry materials. The MultiSpread™ 220 can be pulled with a lawn and garden tractor, ATV, utility cart, compact diesel tractor, small articulated tractors, and zero-turn mowers.
The MultiSpread™ Model 220 topdresser is only 45 inches wide, so it can go through gates and around trees, shrubs, and narrow areas while still spreading material up to 60" wide. Our customers include landscape contractors, lawn care professionals, golf courses, schools, universities, cemeteries, municipalities, parks & recreation facilities, sports turf managers, andsynthetic turf installation and maintenance companies. Check out the features and benefits of our simple, well-built design...
Widespread Beater
Our patented "Widespread Beater" is designed to spread a variety of wet or dry materials up to 60" wide.
Adjustable Tongue
The Tongue is adjustable to accomodate a variety of towing vehicles.
Adjustable Engagement Lever
The Engagement Lever is adjustable to facilitate ease of use by the operator.
23" wide PVC Belt delivers material evenly and smoothly to the "widespread beater."
Tension Adjuster
The Tension on the drive is easily adjusted with just one bolt for operator convenience.