E&T MultiSpread Topdressers

Part #: ET-MultiSpread
The Earth and Turf MultiSpread line of top dressing spreaders are built to last and spread just about anything – wet or dry.

Earth & Turf MultiSpread Topdressers

The MultiSpread line of top dressing spreaders are built to last and spread just about anything – wet or dry. The first MultiSpread topdresser was developed in '99 with input from landscape contractors who wanted a top dressing spreader to apply wet or dry material.


To accomplish this, Earth & Turf invented the widespread beater system and made the first top dressing spreader on the market to offer a widespread distribution option. With the widespread beater, neither moisture content nor particle size (as long as it fits through the end-gate) is a problem. Our top dressing spreaders can go through narrow gates and still spread material wider than the unit, thanks to the widespread beater system.

MultiSpread™ 220 Compost Top Dressing Spreader

The MultiSpread™ 220 is one of our larger compost top dressing spreaders. The 220 is a two-wheel drive, pull-type topdresser that uses a widespread beater. The 220 is designed to carry 15 cu. ft. of sand, the Light-Material Sides™ increase that capacity to 1 cu. yd.


The Model 220 spreads wet and dry material up to 60 inches wide, depending on the type of material being applied.


The MultiSpread 220™ is available with a two-wheel ground-drive system or a hydraulic drive system. One thing that makes this compost top dressing spreader impressive is its “widespread beater” system. It can spread wet or dry material and depending on what you’re spreading, it can spread up to 60 in.

MultiSpread™ 320 Tow Behind Compost Spreader

The MultiSpread™ 320 is Earth & Turf’s largest tow behind compost spreader. It’s perfect for spreading compost, wood chips, crumbed rubber, calcined clay, sand and other topdressing materials. This commercial sized, tow behind compost spreader uses a wide spread beater design for its application system. The Model 320 spreads wet and dry material up to 72 inches wide. It’s designed to carry 27 cu. ft. of sand (Or 2,700 lbs. of sand). The Light-Material Sides™ increase its capacity by 2 cu. yd for lighter materials but the Light-Material Sides cannot be used with sand as this would exceed the weight capacity of the machine.


The MultiSpread 320™ is available in two-wheel ground-drive or hydraulic drive versions. The spreader utilizes a “widespread beater” system and will spread wet or dry material in patterns up to 72 in. wide. It is most commonly used to spread compost and other lighter topdressing materials but it does work well to spread sand on golf courses.


 Model MultiSpread 220 MultiSpread 320
 Capacity 15 cu.ft. 27 cu.ft.
 Max Load Weight 1725 lbs 2700 lbs
 Box Width 23.5" 30.5"
 Box Length 57" 73.5"
 Total Height 37.5" 39.5"
 Total Width 35.5" 58.8"
 Total Length 99.3" 122"
 Spread Width Up to 60" Up to 72"
 Spread Thickness Up to 0.25" Up to 0.25"
 Spread System Widespread Beater Widespread Beater
 Weight w/ Tires 475 lbs 760 lbs
 Tire Size 20.5 x 8.0-10 26.0 x 12-12
 Movement Pull-Type Pull-Type
 Drive Ground Drive Ground Drive
 Required Power 16 hp 20 hp
 Build 12/16 Ga. Bolted Steel, 2-Part Epoxy




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