JRCO Broadcast Spreader

Part #: Broadcast
The JRCO Electric Broadcast Spreader attaches to your mower or utility vehicle, increasing productivity with an accurate spread pattern at higher ground speeds. The heavy-duty broadcaster is ideal for spreading all types of granular and pelletized fertilizer, seed, and ice-melting pellets.
The JRCO Broadcast Spreader is made of corrosion-resistant materials, stainless steel and engineered plastics. The polyethylene hopper has a 2.2 cubic foot or 120 pound capacity. An electronic speed control accurately maintains spread pattern widths from 5-24 feet. A sealed, quick-disconnect wiring harness is included for hook-up to the mowers battery.
JRCO offers three broadcast spreader models. Model 503 has a foot-operated gate for mid-mount zero-turn mowers. Model 504 has a push-pull cable gate for walk-behind and out-front mowers. The 503 and 504 broadcasters attach to the JRCO mount bar with four clevis pins. Model 504U for utility vehicles has a longer push-pull cable and attaches to the JRCO 1¼" hitch receiver mount on the front or back.
  • Polyethylene hopper with large capacity of 120 lbs. / 2.2 cu. ft. or 2 bags of pelletized fertilizer.
  • All stainless steel, rugged tubular frame.
  • Stainless steel gate design is non-gumming for easy opening and tight closure.
  • Durable molded base solidly supports gate controls.
  • A pattern centering control adjusts for uniform spread of various materials.
  • Out front, opening gauge adjustment is easy to read for accurate settings.
  • Four bladed, stainless steel fan can be removed easily for cleaning.
  • Electronic speed control governs the fan speed to ensure accurate width of spread.
  • Stainless steel vibrating agitator breaks up lumps and ensures superior material feed.
  • JRCO engineered heavy-duty, sealed, direct drive 12 volt electric motor.
  • Wiring harness with sealed, waterproof connectors and rain cap for quick connection.
  • Clear view moisture cover and rear dust shield protect the mower and operator.
  • Stainless bolts wedge the broadcaster in the mount, preventing any wiggle.
  • Stainless steel bumper protects the motor and fan.
  • The JRCO mount bar allows height adjustment of the broadcaster.
  • Optional stainless screen sifts lumps from bulk fertilizers.
  • Optional side deflector kit with plastic cup and stainless steel brackets fits all JRCO models.
  • Optional extension wire harness for mounting speed control near operator.
Capacity 120 lbs (2.2 ft³)
Weight 50 lbs
Width 29"
Depth 22"
Height 24"