IVA 500-1000 Gallon Produce Sprayer

Part #: IVA1000Produce
IVA 500-1000 Gallons Produce Sprayers

Spraying produce can be a challenge. Crops may range from sweet corn to densely covered vine crops. Spraying needs to be accomplished between picking schedules and challenging weather conditions. An Iva Produce Sprayer can do the job.

  • Heavy duty welded frame, adjustable wheel base
  • Painted w/ Epoxy primer, Acrylic urethane topcoat
  • Boom width, 20’ single side, to 70’ double boom
  • Hydraulic fold, level, and 8’ lift, all from the tractor seat
  • CDS John Blue diaphragm pumps, operate at 280 psi
  • Spray controls, manual, electric, or automatic rate control
  • Teejet quad or single nozzle bodies, at 12’’, 15’’, or 20’’
  • Teejet hollow cone ceramic tips for optimal coverage
  • 5 gallon induction system will mix dry powder and measure liquid chemicals
  • Rinse system, optional jug rinse, tank wash, 12v powered pressure hose
  • LED flood lights and tail light.