Walk-Behind Landscaping Tiller

Part #: 365
The Preseeder compact power rake is the most cost-effective means of seedbed preparation available today. Till, level and rake the soil for perfect soil preparation. The 36" wide Preseeder power rake is ideal for smaller yards. Its hydrostatic drive enables you to choose the perfect ground speed for your jobs. Complete seeding projects quickly to boost your bottom line.
•   Refurbish Turf - Ten-position depth adjustments allow gentle or aggressive action for refurbishing existing turf. Stir surface soil for over-seeding without damaging the existing lawn or till deep to totally remove the grass for a new seedbed. It's your choice. The Preseeder compact power rake becomes a refurbishment miracle worker.
•   All-in-One Machine - The walk behind design represents a new wave in preparation of turf seedbeds. A complete power rake package can be easily hauled in most pickups, eliminating the need to buy a large truck or trailer. Don't be fooled by its size, you will be surprised at how big this little machine performs.
•   Cost-Effective - Keep your investment low with the Preseeder compact power rake. No need to invest in an expensive power unit and a separate landscaping attachment. The Model 365 is a complete package at an affordable price.
•   Ease of Use - Operation of the Preseeder compact Power rake is simple. Easy-to-use controls make operation straightforward. All drive controls are at your fingertips for handy access, low physical effort and safety. You'll be seeding more areas, faster than you ever thought possible.
•   Maneuverable - Get into tight areas that are not accessible with a tractor or a skid steer loader. Parking lot islands, narrow areas along sidewalks, small corners of large jobs and difficult-to-reach residential yards are easily accessed with the model 365. Mechanical seedbed preparation has never been available in such a compact package.

Specs Model 365
Engine  Easy starting 13 hp Honda GVX390
 Full pressure lubrication
Transmission  Hydrostatic forward & reverse
Differential Lock  Standard, foot pedal engagement
Rotor Width  36" wide, helical tooth pattern
Rotor Final Drive  #40 O-ring chain
Depth Control  10-position, manually adjusted
Controls  Adjustable ground speed, 6-Position
 angle adjustment, low-effort PTO clutch
Overall Width  42-3/8"
Machine Weight  440 lbs.