Giant Vac Hard Surface Vacuum

Part #: GVHardSurface
A Hard Worker for Hard Surfaces - The Giant-Vac hard surface push vacuum picks up debris on hard surfaces and in tight areas. Ideal for vacuuming up broken glass, sand and metal, its 30" wide nose cone features a hinged door for oversized debris like cans and bottles.
Built tough with an all-welded steel housing, hard surface vacs use a ¼" thick steel, four-blade impeller that delivers 2200 cfm.

Key Features
•   ¼" Steel, Four-Blade Impeller
•   Easy-Off Taper Lok Hub
•   Up to 11:1 Compaction Ratio
•   12.5 ft³ Debris Bag
•   Nose Cones in 30" & 36" Widths
•   Optional Hose Kits

Model 690 IC
Engine Briggs & Stratton IC
Horsepower 14.5 hp
Operation Push Type
Starting Recoil
Impeller 4-blade steel
Impeller Diameter 15¾"
CFM 2200
Compaction Ratio Up to 11:1
Bag Capacity 12½ ft³
Weight 149 lbs.
Rear Wheels 10"