DuraTank Side-Delivery Spreaders

Part #: 2000
Depend on a DuraTank™ side-delivery spreader to easily handle a wide variety of material, including pen-packed or sand-laden manure, slurry, biosolids and poultry litter. They also work well spreading new bedding material, or adding compost or amendments to soil. DuraTank spreaders are designed to aggresivly power through heavy load after load, quickly moving material to the expeller for fast uniform unloading.
Spread right with New Holland- The right-side discharge of New Holland spreaders makes them ergonomically more convenient and comfortable to operate. DuraTank spreaders provide excellent material break up and a uniform controlled spread pattern - without frequent adjustment or expensive wearing parts. The hydraulic gate and heavy-duty overshot expeller provide precise application control - from light top dressing to heavy spreading. The expeller shielding is adjustable to control the spread pattern, while preventing drift of manure to keep the tractor, spreader and road cleaner.

Low-maintenance design - The expeller is less complicated to maintain since no shroud adjustments are necessary to maintain a uniform spread pattern, and the expeller paddles are quicker to replace and less expensive compared to the hammers used on other brands. The expeller is easy to clean, too. With just the pull of a handle, the expeller trough swings open, allowing fines to fall out or rain/snow to drain if machine storage is outside.

Heavy-duty construction
  • Gusseted tank supports better distribute the weight of heavy loads.
  • Hardened, segmented main auger flighting provides the strength needed to move dense or frozen materials. The segmented design provides continuous material movement yet doesn't overcrowd the expeller in dry or slushy conditions as augers with continuous flighting can do.
  • Bolted and clamped poly tank liner reduces bridging and sticking in freezing conditions.
  • Quick-release, poly-lined expeller trough reduces power consumption and paddle wear, especially in sticky or freezing conditions.
  • Reinforced expeller paddles handle abrasive sand laden materials and last longer





Capacity, Gal.




Weight, lbs.




Width, in.

85 - 91



Length, in.

22' 8"

22' 8"

23' 7"

PTO Speed




Model 2000S 2600S 3400S
Capacity, gallons 2009 gal. 2596 gal. 3377 gal.
Capacity, cubic feet 269 ft³ 347 ft³ 452 ft³
Weight 6860 lbs 7880 lbs 10,940 lbs
Stress Proof Spindle Size 2.5" 2.5" 3.375" or 4.5"
Hub Capacity 5790 lbs 8000 lbs 12,000 lbs
Side Loading Height 69" 81-84" 93-94"
Height at Rear 70" 82-85" 101-102"
Tank Width, Top 76" 87" 97"
Overall Width 85-91" 102-105" 108-126"
Loading Length 22' 8" 22' 8" 23' 7"
Auger Diamter 24" 24" 30"
PTO Speed 540 rpm 540 rpm 1000 rpm
Min. Tractor PTO HP 120 120 150