Agrimetal Leaf and Debris Blower

Part #: Agrimetal-Blower
AgriMetal leaf and debris blowers are some of the most powerful, easiest to maintain, belt drive, and least expensive turf care blowers on the market. AgriMetal Blowers are designed to clear large areas of leaves, grass clippings, litter, and other debris in a hurry!

Agrimetal 3-Pt Hitch Leaf & Debris Blower


Our patent pending impeller is made of a special composite. Its exclusive design increases the airflow CFM by about 25% compared to other blowers on the market. Its lightweight construction reduces the load on the belt. Once the PTO is engaged it requires less energy at full throttle, making the MAX-FLOW debris blower the most powerful one on the market, period. The paddles of the impeller have an opening located by the central drive shaft, allowing air to load through the center as well as from both sides of each paddle. The extra air loading from the center feed the next coming paddles, increasing performance by 25% . That’s why we call it the Max-Flow.

  • Set of air deflectors available - All 3-point hitch AgriMetal blowers are available without an air deflector. However, a hydraulic deflector kit is an available option. The kit includes two deflectors; one at 180 degrees to deflect the airflow in opposite direction, plus a downward deflector to lift up and blow away grass clippings, aeration cores or leaves matted to the ground. Both deflectors are controlled from the operator’s seat.
  • Bended V-belt drive system - The MAX-FLOW impeller is driven by a bended V belt, equipped with an automated spring tensioner for minimum maintenance. This type of belt eliminates the risk of slipping and bouncing for a smooth and vibration free operation that will last for many years to come, drastically reducing operation cost.
  • Caster wheels - The models B-35 and B-50-TP come standard with caster wheels for hard surface or turf clean up application.
  • Anti-scalp roller - A 4-inch diameter anti-scalp roller is located on the back to prevent turf damage.


 Model 1600 2500 B-35 B-50
 Type 3-Point Hitch 3-Point Hitch 3-Point Hitch 3-Point Hitch
 Number of Blades 6 7 8 8
 Impeller Size 22" x 9" 28" x 11" 34" x 13" 34" x 13"
 Impeller Speed 1520 rpm 1520 rpm 1290 rpm 1410 rpm
 Flow Rate 4010 cfm 6500 cfm 12,500 cfm 13,750 cfm
 Air Flow Speed 130 mph 140 mph 180 mph 200 mph
 Outlet Size 6" x 10" 7.5" x 12" 9" x 14" 9" x 14"
 Minimum Horsepower 16 hp 25 hp 35 hp 45 hp
 Dimensions (LxWxH) 33" x 54" x 36.5" 44" x 36" x 50" 41" x 61.5" x 54" 41" x 61.5" x 54"
 Weight 310 lbs 495 lbs 715 lbs 720 lbs




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