Bradco Rock Buckets

Part #: 66
Designed to collect rocks and debris allowing the soil to sift through
Rock Buckets
•   Designed to cradle the collected rocks and debris while additional material is being collected.
•   Tine spacing determines the size of rocks and debris that will be retained while allowing the soil to sift back to the ground.
•   The 75" bucket width gives maximum production and covers most wheel bases of skid steer loaders and tractors.
•   The rake design is used to gather material away from buildings and obstructions, for faster clean up up of debris, to level out clumps of dirt and to pick up pieces of sod.
•   Rake - Pile - Load debris from construction sites, pastures, fields and etc.
•   Bolt-On mounting for easy installation onto universal tractor loader mounts and universal skid steer loader mounts.  

Specs 66" 75"
A Overall Width 65.85" 74.35"
B Overall Depth 42.45"
B2 Depth w/Skid Steer Mounting 49.80"
C Overall Height 21.77"
D Tine Spacing (Center to Center) 4.25"
  Tine Spacing (Between Tines) 3.125"
  Weight 550 lbs 619 lbs
  Number of Tines 16 18
  Tine Rod Diameter 1.125"
Rock Bucket w/Grapple

•   For skid steer and tractor loaders
•   Fits 66", 75" & 84" rock buckets
•   Designed for construction sites

Features & Benefits
•   One grapple assembly fits 66", 75", and 84" rock buckets with 2" and 3" bucket tine spacing
•   Hooks are welded to front tube rather than individual bolted for added strength and ease of assembly
•   Replaceable front tine assembly
•   Hooks do not extend beyond front plane of bucket tines
•   Grapple hooks interlock with bucket tines
•   Added structure between grapple arms to trap and contain debris
•   Spherical bearings, threaded cylinder glands, and secluded grease zerks for added durability
•   Easy to assemble grapple mounting
•   Dual cylinders
•   Wide opening grapple with aggressive rake-back tine design
•   Designed for construction sites