New Holland SSL Trenchers

Part #: NH-Trencher
An excellent skid steer loader attachment for trenching through asphalt, frozen ground, fracturable rock or extremely compacted soils.

New Holland Trenchers for Skid Steer Loaders


  • 30", 36", 42", 48" or 60" Trenching Depth
  • Side shift: Manual standard; Hydraulic optional
  • 2" pitch, 50,000 lbs, anti-back flex chain for maximum performance and life
  • High-torque hydraulic motor for maximum digging power
  • Heavy-duty chain reduction amplifies torque to cutting chain
  • Sealed idler bearing is maintenance free
  • Low-profile dirt shield for improved operator visibility
  • Built-in skid shoe provides positive depth control for auger
  • Pivoting crumber shoe and bar assists with loose soil removal from trench
  • Bolt-on replaceable wear strips on boom extend boom life under rough conditions
  • Drum scrapers included

Chain Selection:

  • Tooth Every Station (TES): Designed for standard digging conditions in light to moderately compacted, sandy, loam soils and loosely packed gravelly soils
  • Tooth Every Other Station (TEOS): Designed to be the most productive in wet, sticky conditions such as wet clay, gumbo, etc
  • Rock and Frost Chain 50/50 (50% R&F teeth/50% cup teeth): Gives highest production in frozen ground, highly compacted or rocky soils
  • Shark Tooth Chain 70/30 (70% shark teeth/30% cup teeth): The 70/30 chain should be used in compacted soils, light frozen ground, baked hard clay, shale or rocky soils
  • Full Shark Tooth Chain (100% shark teeth): Full shark tooth chain is recommended for fracturable rock, shale, caliche or conditions with little or no loose soil






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