New Holland Trencher

Part #: Trencher
Model 625 Trencher, Standard-Flow, 14-22 GPM
Model 640 Trencher, High-Flow, 25-28 GPM
Model 640 Trencher, High-Flow, 29-35 GPM

New Holland Trenchers
Model 625 Trencher, Standard-Flow, 14-22 GPM
Model 640 Trencher, High-Flow, 25-28 GPM
Model 640 Trencher, High-Flow, 29-35 GPM

Options (order as required):
Hydraulic Side Shift Package


  • Side shift: manual standard; hydraulic optional (requires 2nd front auxiliary hydraulic kit)
  • 2" pitch, 50,000 lb, anti-back flex chain for maximum performance and life
  • Choice of five boom lengths
  • High torque hydraulic motor for maximum digging power
  • Heavy-duty chain (625) or planetary (640) reduction amplifies torque to cutting chain
  • Sealed idler bearing is maintenance free (625)
  • Low profile dirt shield for inproved operator visibility
  • Built-in skid shoe to provide positive depth control for auger
  • Pivoting crumber shoe and bar to assist with loose soil removal from trench
  • Bolt-on replaceable wear strips on boom extend boom life under rough conditions
  • Drum scrapers included
  • 2,000-2,400 psi operating pressure


  • Standard auxiliary hydraulics (as indicated)

  • High-Flow auxiliary hydraulics (as indicated)
  • 2nd auxiliary required for side shift
Boom & Cumber Assemblies Weight
30" Boom and Assembly 104
36" Boom and Assembly 115
42" Boom and Assembly 128
48" Boom and Assembly 140
60" Boom and Assembly 180

Chain Selection

Tooth Every Station (TES): Designed for standard digging conditions in light to moderatley compacted, sandy, loam soils and loosely packed gravelly soils. Typically good digging conditions.

Tooth Every Other Station (TEOS): Designed to be the most productive in wet, sticky conditions such as wet clay, gumbo, etc. TEOS allows sticky soils to be discharged as it comes around the head shaft sprocket allowing the auger to pick it up and discharge spoil to the side of the trench

Rock and Frost Chain 50/50 (50% R&F teeth/50% cup teeth): Gives highest production in frozen ground, highly compacted or rocky soils. Bullet chaped rock teeth break tougher soils and rock allowing the cup teeth to pick it up and clean the trench. Aggresive in tough conditions but not as productive in lighter normal conditions.

Shark Tooth Chain 70/30 (70% shark teeth/30% cup teeth): The 70/30 chain should be used in compacted soils, light frozen ground, baked hard clay, shale or rocky soils. Shark teeth will slice, break, and relieve the tough soils allowing cup teeth to follow and clean the trench. Not as productive as the TES chain in normal digging conditions

Full Shark Tooth Chain (100% shark teeth): Full shark tooth chain is reccomended for fracturable rock, shale, caliche or conditions with little or no loose soil. Will not efficiently clean the trench in sand, silt and high moisture clay conditions.