Stoltzfus Hay Rack

Part #: Hay Rack
Designed to Handle Low or High Moisture Hay
Designed to Handle Low or High Moisture Hay

Manufactured for strength with more 2" x 14 gauge square tubing uprights than customarily found in the industry, the rack is reinforced with 1" square tubing between the uprights. Two 4x8 fur stringers that won't twist or wrap and 1" x6" oak flooring attached to cross members with screw nails add to the durability of this unit.
  • Available in 18', 20', 22' & 24' lengths
  • 8-1/2'
  • Custom wagons a specialty
  • Two 4' side openings
  • Racks are removable for flat bed use
  • 3" x 4" x 8' oak cross members
  • Quick release door at back of wagon swings 270°
  • Painted John Deere green; other colors optional

  • Dutch Brothers Rack Wagon with the rear fold down gate
  • Mesh rack wagon floor option
  • Stoltzfus Rack Wagon with Oak Floor and Oak Frame
  • Stoltzfus Rack Wagon with Pressure Treated Floor and Steel Frame