NH Compact Tractor Loaders

Part #: CompactLoaders
The curved boom design for outstanding strength and visibility. If you have things like gravel, mulch, plants, dirt or hay to move, you will need a front-end loader.

Loaders for New Holland Compact Tractors

Signature curved boom performance

New Holland's signature curved loader boom matches the sleek, sloped hood of your Boomer or WORKMASTER tractor for excellent sightlines to the bucket or attachment. The design also provides for better stress distribution under heavy loads.

Easy on. Easy off.

Move quickly between jobs. The New Holland Quick Mount system makes it easy to attach or remove the loader fast - no tools needed. Optional skid steer quick attach plates are available for easy bucket/attachment changes on most models.


  For Boomer Tractors For WORMASTER Tractors
250TLA 260TLA 100LC 200LC 140TL
Tractor Model Compatibility 35/40 45/50/55 25S 25 35/40
Lift Capacity
    20" forward, max height 1354 lbs 1849 lbs 693 lbs 1214 lbs 1100 lbs
    Pivot pin, max height 1822 lbs 2371 lbs 1005 lbs 1600 lbs 1500 lbs
Breakout Force
    20" forward, max height 2444 lbs 3191 lbs 1426 lbs 1926 lbs 1900 lbs
    Pivot pin, max height 3257 lbs 4081 lbs 2078 lbs 2637 lbs 2700 lbs
Max Lift Height 104" 109" 72" 94.3" 91.5"
Max Dump Angle 48° 56° 46° 51° 48°
Bucket Roll Back Angle 30° 28° 28° 41° 30.4°




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