Compact & Utility Loaders

Part #: CompactLoaders
Ready to help you tackle any job, the 110TL and 200TL series are the perfect fit for your Boomer Compact or Utility tractor.

The 200TL Series loaders are the perfect fit for Boomer™ tractors, providing exceptional power, function and style.

Curved-boom loader design 
Not only does the curved design of the 200TL Series loader complement the sleek hood of your New Holland Boomer tractor, it provides better visibility and greater strength compared to the “dog-leg” loader booms you’ll find on other tractors. The loader’s rectangular torque tube is also larger and wider for longer life and durability.

Unmatched visibility to the bucket

Take your seat behind the wheel and you’ll find that you can easily see to the top edge of the bucket, allowing you to work confidently even when close to walls, foundations or other objects.

Fast connection

The Quick-Mount system lets you attach the loader within minutes, take it off just as fast— without tools and does not require the customer to drive "straight only" to mount their loader. The new loader towers have ramps which allow the loader arms to slide right into place without