Bush Hog XD Backhoes

Part #: BushHog-XDB
Easily access those tight work spaces and get down to some digging. The Bush Hog line of XD series backhoes are designed for tractors ranging from 18–100 HP along with skid steers and mini skid steers depending on the model. Perfect for digging footers, trenches and all general landscaping and construction needs, XD series backhoes deliver value and strong performance to your operation.

Bush Hog Backhoes - XD Series

XD65 Backhoe

With a digging depth of 6 feet and an 8-foot reach, the XD65 gets down and dirty, breaking the frostline and finishing the job quickly.

XD75 Backhoe

Digging 7.5 feet deep and reaching 10 feet across, the XD75 breaks ground and keeps on going. With an excavator-style curved boom and easy-to-use controls, the XD75 is ready to handle any ground conditions from topsoil to clay and gravel.

XD95 Backhoe

For contractors and landscapers that need to dig deep, but not in their pockets, the Bush Hog® XD95 makes the grade. The large XD95 extends the usefulness of 30-100 HP tractors with digging capabilities of 9 feet deep. Trenching for footings and escavating to spec becomes quick and easy without the added expense of a single-purpose excavator. The digging bucket is built using AR400-strength steel, ensuring rugged longevity.

XD95EL Backhoe

The Bush Hog® digs even deeper with the Extendable XD95EL model. Capable of hydraulically extending an extra 24” to dig 11’ 4” deep, the extendable dipper stick gives you the extra reach when you need it. When contracted, the bucket and dipper stick curl up tight to the boom for easy travel and compact storage.


Model XD65C XD65 XD75 XD95 XD95EL
Digging Depth 6' 4" 6' 4" 7' 8" 9' 4" 11' 4"
Reach from Swing Post 100" 100" 123" 141" 164"
Bucket Rotation 180° 180° 180° 180° 180°
Swing Arc 150° 180° 180° 180° 180°
Loading Height (at 60° rotation) 62" 62" 80" 89" 104"
Dipper Boom Digging Force 1250 lbs 1250 lbs 2300 lbs 3200 lbs 2200 lbs
Bucket Digging Force 2054 lbs 2600 lbs 3800 lbs 3925 lbs 3925 lbs
Boom Lift Capacity 250 lbs 385 lbs 925 lbs 750 lbs 580 lbs
Operating Pressure 1800 psi 1800 psi 2250 psi 2250 psi 2250 psi
Hydraulic Flow 3.5-6 gpm 5-7 gpm 5-7 gpm 5-7 gpm 5-7 gpm
Recomennded Tractor HP 18-28 hp 18-30 hp 30-60 hp 30-100 hp 30-100 hp
Available Bucket Sizes 9", 12", 15", 18" 9", 12", 15", 18", 24"






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