T8 Series

Part #: T8

New Holland DNA runs through every aspect of the new T8 Series, which means you'll notice a number of unique farmraised features that make you and your operation more productive. Power, fuel efficiency, stability and maneuverability are all rolled into this one-of-a-kind tractor line. There's no need to compromise when you own a T8 Series tractor.

  • MORE POWER AND PRODUCTIVITY - Every T8 model boasts the new performance of New Holland's EcoBlue Tier 4 engine solutions. Cursor 9 Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) engines not only reduce emissions, they breathe clean, fresh air for optimal combustion and significant performance advantages. All models benefit from Engine Power Management which offers more power for demanding PTO, hydraulic and transport applications, with up to 50 horsepower extra on the T8.390.
  • ABSOLUTE DRIVING PLEASURE - New Holland's SideWinder II armrest makes the T8 Series intuitive to operate for reduced fatigue. You immediately recognize key functions with controls that are perfectly placed for fingertip control. The 68-decibel, whisper-quiet cab is the most spacious in its class and offers uninterrupted 360° visibility. Optional Comfort Ride cab suspension ensures the smoothest ride even on the roughest terrain.
  • MAXIMUM VERSATILITY - T8 tractors defy the status quo with a revolutionary long-wheelbase design. New T8 tractors feature the longest wheelbase in the industry for a smooth and stable ride, yet the new sculpted frame design makes them among the most maneuverable tractors in this class. Built to suit heavy tillage applications, T8 tractors are also ideal for secondary cultivation, drilling, spreading and transport applications. The fully integrated front hitch and PTO option allows you to work with a full range of front-mounted implements for added versatility.
  • LOWER OPERATING COST - Operating costs for the new T8 tractors with EcoBlue have been reduced by 10% when compared to existing Tier 3 models - even when the cost of AdBlue Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is taken into account. This is thanks to cutting-edge SCR technology, improved fuel efficiency and long service intervals.
  • EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE HOOD - A T8 tractor's rated power is only part of the story. With Engine Power Management, T8 tractors develop more torque and power as they are put under load. To know the true power that's under the hood of your T8 tractor, just look ON the hood. The three digits after "T8" refer to the maximum horsepower with Engine Power Management. You get peace of mind knowing your T8 tractor will be able to cope with even the most demanding applications.
  • SMOOTH TERRAGLIDE FWD AXLE - Choose the New Holland TerraGlide suspended front axle option for improved traction and ride smoothness. The TerraGlide axle is proven to protect the tractor, mounted implements and the operator from heavy shock loads during transport and in the field. Now it offers the added benefit of an improved turning angle. Combined with the Comfort Ride cab suspension option, you get the ultimate smooth ride with no compromise in maneuverability.
  • SIDEWINDER II. DESIGNED BY FARMERS, FOR FARMERS - As modern tractors offer increasingly sophisticated features, there's a risk that they become more difficult to understand and operate. Not so with a T8 tractor. New Holland listened to customers and developed the SideWinder II armrest to make everything simpler. All key controls are accessed from the armrest - throttle, transmission and hydraulics. Every control and advanced feature is quick and easy to access. It does not take long to master a T8 tractor.

Engine T8.275 T8.300 T8.330 T8.360 T8.390
Type 6 cyl. Tier 4A Diesel 6 cyl. Tier 4A Diesel
Maximum Horsepower 274 hp 298 hp 328 hp 358 hp 389 hp
PTO Horsepower 195 hp 215 hp 240 hp 265 hp 290 hp
Displacement 531 in³ 531 in³ 531 in³ 531 in³ 531 in³
Rated Engine Speed 2000 rpm 2000 rpm 2000 rpm 2000 rpm 2000 rpm
Standard 18 speed full power shift 18Fx4R 18 speed full power shift 18Fx4R
Optional 19 speed full power shift 19Fx4R 19 speed full power shift 19Fx4R
Optional 23F/4R Creeper speeds 23F/4R Creeper speeds
Hydraulic System PFC PFC PFC
Main Pump Flow 44 gpm 44 gpm 44 gpm
Optional Pump Flow 75 gpm 75 gpm 75 gpm
Rear Remotes, std(opt) 4 (5,6) 4 (5,6) 4 (5,6)
Rear Hitch Lift Capacity 12,070 lbs 14,375 lbs 17,750 lbs
Front Hitch Lift Capacity 12,800 lbs 12,800 lbs 12,800 lbs
Wheelbase 136" 136" 136"
Height to top of Cab 133" 133" 133"
Overall Length 251" 251" 251"
Minimum Width 100" 100" 100"
Weight (std axle) 27,180 lbs 27,800 lbs 28,230 lbs
Available Front Loader 880TL 880TL 880TL