Jatco Trailed Cannon Sprayers

Part #: J1000
Designed for wide swath spraying applications
Jacto's versatile J2600 & J1000 Cannon Sprayers are designed for wide swath spraying applications. Up to 100-foot (80-foot on J1000) wide spray swath without wind. Ideal for nurseries, berries, Christmas trees, pastures, and row crops. They are also effective for applying desiccants and defoliants on mechanically-harvested crops, as well as fly and odor control in livestock and landfill operations.

Model J1000 J2600
Tank Size 265 gal 550 gal
Agitation mechanical mechanical & hydraulic
Pump Capacity 20 gpm 13 gpm (26 gpm, opt)
Maximum Spray Swath 80' 100'
Fan Air Volume 5445 cfm 5445 cfm
Air Speed 171 mph 171 mph
Empty Weight 1565 lbs 1918 lbs
Dimensions (LxWxH) 150" x 62" x 98" 170" x 66" x 108"
Minimum Recommended Tractor 45 hp 60 hp