Ripper / Box Scrape Ripper

Part #: Iron-Ripper
IronCraft Rippers & Box Scrape Rippers are perfect for prepping a garden, tilling up some land, or reconditioning gravel roads and driveways.

IronCraft Ripper & Box Scrape Ripper


IronCraft Ripper

Our Ripper is great for ground penetration. Easily prep a garden or till up some land with the ripper. The tines are adjustable for more or less ground penetration.


IronCraft Box Scrape Ripper

Our Box Scrape Ripper is perfect for reconditioning gravel roads and driveways. The rippers will resurface the buried gravel and the cutting edges will smooth out and level the gravel. You can drive forward or backwards, simply remove the rippers and rotate them.




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