IronCraft SSL Brush Cutters

Part #: Iron-BCutter
IronCraft make clearing brush easy with it's range of Skid Steer Brush Cutters. Available in 60", 72" or 78" cutting widths with cutting capacities up to 4" in daimater.

IronCraft Skid Steer Brush Cutters

Standard Duty Brush Cutters

Our Standard Duty Brush Cutter comes with a 60″ or 72″ mowing deck. It features 2 blades, a 40HP gear box and stump jumper. A flow of 11–20 gpm is required. Optional mesh grill available on open front.


Heavy Duty Brush Cutters

The Heavy Duty Brush Cutter comes with a 60" or 72" mowing deck. It features a RC100 gearbox, Parker motor and fabricated blade holder with bidirectional blades. A flow of 14-20 gpm is required.


X-Treme Brush Cutters

The X-treme Brush Cutter is an ideal attachment for tough clearing applications. The cutter comes in a 60″, 72″, or 78″ cutting width. It is equipped with bidirectional blades, powered by a high torque motor and features a 100–hp Omni gear box. A flow of 14–20 gpm is required on the low flow, 20–30 gpm on the mid flow.


  Standard Duty Standard Duty Heavy Duty X-Treme
 Type Closed Front Open Front Open Front Open Front
 Widths Available 60", 72" 60", 72" 60", 72" 60", 72", 78"
 Cutting Capacity 3" 3" 4" 6"
 Gearbox 40 hp 40 hp 50 hp 100 hp
 Flow Requirement 14-20 gpm 14-20 gpm 14-26 gpm 14-30 gpm
 Blades 2 2 2 3
 Tine Thickness 3/16" deck with 3/8" A36 Reinforced Sides




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