Pequea Wheel Rakes

Part #: Pequea-WRAKE
The Pequea Wheel Rake is everything you want out of a carted wheel rake at a price point you need. The rake comes in three sizes: 8,10,12 wheels. Get the most out of a carted rake with both a high cart and beam height allowing for the raking of large windrows.

Pequea Wheel Rakes


MCR Series Rakes - Pequea’s MCR or Mid Capacity Rake is a highly adaptable carted style wheel rake capable of raking in almost any conditions or terrain. Individual wheel suspension and windrow width adjustments are standard. For more precision, single sided raking, kicker wheel, and hydraulic wheel beam adjustments can be added as an option. The modular design of the MCR makes it easy to go from an 8 to a 10 or 12 wheel rake. If you want versatility and efficiency from the seat of your tractor, the MCR is for you.

  • The MCR’s single sided raking option brings versatility to raking. Turn manual valves or order the electric option and lift one arm up at a time without leaving the tractor.
  • Easily adjust spring tension for each wheel by simply removing a cotter pin– no tools necessary.
  • The MCR’s bolt-on extensions allow customers to upgrade from an 8 to a 10 or 12 wheel rake.
  • Change the windrow width on the go with the MCR’s hydraulic beam option. These cylinders mount on the wheel beam and allow for total raking control.
  • All hydraulic lines go into a single manifold. Upgrades are easily installed on the MCR. The MCR also folds evenly on hillsides.
  • The MCR’s hydraulic full size 55” kicker wheel prevents moisture from becoming trapped in hay at the center of the windrow


1820HD Rakes - Pequea’s overhead frame, crop driven wheel rake provides higher capacity for quick raking without compromising hay quality. With the Windrow ProTM you can rake up to 29′ of hay into a single windrow. Our wheel rake’s extensive standard features combined with our impeccable quality at a competitive price makes the Windrow Pro one of the best values in the wheel rake market.

  • Double tines mounted in rubber handles crops gently.
  • The Precision Spring option gives you more control over wheel pressure and reduces wear on components.
  • All controls are done from the tractor seat with convenient control box.
  • Quickly adjust wheel beam angle, allowing you to change for varied crop conditions.
  • This easy-to-use ratchet adjusts the pitch of the overall machine.


Model MCR8 MCR10 MCR12 1820HD
Raking Width 17'-19' 19'-21' 21'-23' 29'
Windrow Width Up to 5' Up to 5' Up to 5' Up to 5'
Number of Rake Wheels 8 10 12 17
Tines per Wheel 40 40 40 18 (Double Tines)

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Pequea Wheel Rakes


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