Haybine Mower-Conditioner

Part #: Haybine Mower
Rated number one in cutting through heavy, down and tangled crops When it's time to buy a mower-conditioner, go with a genuine New Holland Haybine mower-conditioner, the one that started it all.
At the heart of the H7150 is a New Holland HS Series Haybine sickle header. This is the same high-capacity header used on New Holland self-propelled windrowers. Choose a 14-, 16- or 18-foot cut. The 18-foot width gives you 12% more capacity than most mower-conditioners on the market, and even more than some self-propelled windrowers.

•   The proven New Holland conditioning system is at the heart of the HS Series Haybine header, providing consistent, thorough crop conditioning for faster drydown.
•   New swivel hitch design features a 1000-rpm PTO pump drive. The pump mounts on the H7150 frame for:
                        Improved drive durability
                        Quick tractor hook up
                        Improved maneuverability.
•   The pivot-tongue design gives you self-propelled maneuverability. You can mow on either side of the tractor, make square corners, open fields easily and center the H7150 directly behind the tractor for easy transport.
•   25-inch header lift height is the best available and makes clearing tall windrows or obstacles easy.
•   The auto-engaging locks for the tongue and header save you time when preparing for transport. Just flip the over-center tongue spring latch and header locks, and fully raise the header hydraulically and center it behind the tractor. The tongue lock and header locks engage automatically, so there's no need to get off the tractor a second time.
•   A standard toolbox gives you convenient storage space for tools or spare parts.
•   Storage for two complete knife assemblies is provided in the header frame.  


Model 472 488 H7150
Cutting Width 7' 3" 9' 3" 14' 3", 16' 3", or 18' 3"
Knives Over-serrated, bolted Over-serrated, bolted
Guards Twin-tine, double-hardened Twin-tine, double-hardened
Cutting height 1¼"-4¼" 1¼"-4¼" 1.2"-6.2"
Sickle speed 1632 spm 1632 spm 1810 spm
Reel 4-tine bar 4-tine bar 5-bat, all-steel
Diameter 42¼" 42¼" 42"
Conditioner Intermeshing rubber rolls Intermeshing rubber rolls
Roll length 85" 102" 102"
Roll diameter 7 3/4" 10 3/8" 10 3/8"
Speed 818 rpm 637 rpm 717 rpm
Crop discharge 38"-72" 38"-96" 38"-96"