New Holland T5 Series Tractors

Part #: NHT5-4B
T5 Series Tier 4B tractors are the perfect fit for the many jobs on dairy, livestock and mixed farms - and the perfect fit for your family. These deluxe, high-powered 4x4 ag tractors are a blend of everything you want - the power to handle your toughest jobs, the ability to work effectively in tight places and the ease and comfort your family craves.

New Holland Tractors - T5 Series


New Holland designed the new T5 Series farm tractor line to suit your needs perfectly. These heavy-duty, four wheel drive, mid-size tractors are nimble. They turn on a dime, with a wheelbase, chassis and turning radius that have been calculated to make it easy to maneuver wherever you need to work.


Whether you are using the T5 to work around feedlot, poultry operation, haying, loading, mowing or feeding beef cattle, the deluxe VisionView™ cab with Command Arc console serves as your new field office with ultimate visibility and comfort. You get an ultra-smooth ride courtesy of Comfort Ride™ cab suspension and optional suspended front axle.


T5 tractors are available with a choice of transmissions that help them excel in a wide range of agricultural applications—from field, loader and yard work to high-speed transport.

  • the 24x24 Dual Command™ transmission with the convenience of Hi-Lo speeds (T5.90, T5.100, T5.110 and T5.120 only)
  • the 16x16 Electro Command™ semi powershifttransmission with 8 thumb-button powershifts without a range change (T5.110 and T5.120 only)
  • the 24x24 Dynamic Command dual-clutch, 8-speed semi-powershift transmission (T5.130 and T5.140 only)
  • the Auto Command™ continuously variable transmission (T5.130 and T5.140 only)


  Dual Command™ Models
T5.90 T5.100 T5.110 T5.120
 PTO Horsepower 73 hp 85 hp 93 hp 100 hp
 Gross Engine Horsepower 86 hp 99 hp 107 hp 117 hp
 Displacement 207 in³ 4 cyl 207 in³ 4 cyl
 24x24 Dual Command Standard Standard
 3 Point Hitch
 3-Point Lift Capacity 5620 lbs 5620 lbs
 No. of Remotes 2 or 3 2 or 3
 Implement Pump 16.9 gpm 16.9 gpm
 Service Pump 9.7 gpm 9.7 gpm
 Dimensions (4WD)
 Height, Top of Cab 102.1" 102.1"
 Height, Top of ROPS 106.5" 106.5"
 Overall Length 160.9" 160.9"
 Wheelbase 89.9" 89.9"
 Available Loaders 810LA, 815LA, 825TL, 835TL


Electro Command™ Models
  T5.110 T5.120
 PTO Horsepower 93 hp 99 hp
 Gross Engine Horsepower 107 hp 117 hp
 Displacement 207 in³ 4 cyl
 16x16 Electro Command Standard
 16x16 with AutoShift Optional
 32x32 with Creeper Optional
 3 Point Hitch
 Lift Capacity 8084 lbs
 No. of Remotes 2 or 3
 Implement Pump 21.1 gpm
 Service Pump 11.4 gpm
 Dimensions (4WD)
 Height, Top of Cab 107"
 Overall Length 165"
 Wheelbase 93.7"
 Available Loaders 810LA, 815LA, 825TL, 835TL


Dynamic Command™ / Auto Command™ Models
  T5.130 T5.140
 PTO Horsepower 102 hp 111 hp
 Maximum Horsepower 130 hp 140 hp
 Maximum Torque 450 ft-lb 465 ft-lb
 Dynamic Command 8 Step Semi-Powershift Optional
 Auto Command CVT Optional
 No. of Remotes 4
 Implement Pump 29 gpm
 Service Pump 9.6 gpm
 Dimensions (4WD)
 Overall Length 173"
 Wheelbase 98"




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