Windrow Mergers

Part #: Merger
Get the most capacity out of your forage harvester or baler with a new windrow merger from New Holland. By combining windrows, you reduce labor, fuel and wheel traffic for a lower cost per ton. And, a merger handles the job with less leaf toss and adds less soil and stones compared to raking.
Model H5410 H5420 H5430
Type Pull Behind Side Pull Side Pull
Merging Capabilities 9'-12' 9'-12' 9'-12'
Merging Capabilities (w/extension) 9'-14' 9'-18' 9'-18'
Overall Width 11' 1" 14' 4" 15' 4"
Overall Height 4' 6" 5' 3" 5' 3"
Overall Length 14' 3" 22' 22'
Unit Weight 2340 lbs 3095 lbs 4173 lbs
Pickup Width 108" 108" 144"
Conveyor Width 42" 42" 42"
Min Tractor Requirement 50 hp 70 hp 70 hp
Hydraulic Capacity 16 gpm / 2000 psi

H5410 Pull Behind Merger
  • The H5410 is a center-pull 9 ft. pickup merger. When a swath or windrow needs to be moved, the H5410 merger is a great economical response to the merging market.
  • The H5410 merger requires a 50 HP tractor to run. The H5410 also comes with an optional self contained hydraulic drive kit with a PTO pump. The merger runs on one remote, making it a easy ft to a smaller farmer or rancher.
  • The merger is bi-directional. By switching two quick disconnect hydraulic hoses, the direction of the merging crop can be moved from left to right or vise versa.
  • Two gauge wheels are standard on this machine. A gauge wheel can be adjusted to feld or crop height with the removing of two pins and reinstalling the pins.
  • The rear tire swivels and has a brake for transport. The brake gives better handling in rough feld conditions and road transportation. It is equipped with a brake to prevent wheel from going any direction other than the direction of travel.
  • The merger comes with an anti-wrap system that allows long lasting life of bearings and shafts. The system stops crop from rapping and causing heat. The teeth on the pick up are also replaceable.

H540 and H5430 Side-Pull Merger
  • New Holland has come out with two sizes of side-pull mergers. The H5420 is a 9' machine and the H5430 is a 12' machine. They both have a capability of merging up to 12'. The machines can also be upgraded with extensions to merge up to 18'.
  • The mergers are equipped with quick disconnects for discharging on the opposing side. The mergers have an optional cross conveyer shut off
  • The Merger comes with 3 lengths of extensions. The frst is a 2' extension which gives you the ability to merge 14'. The 4' extension helps merger up to 16' and the 6' extension helps to merge up to 18'.
  • The merger will run off of a 70 HP PTO tractor and two remotes with one having at least 2000 psi hydraulic pressure.
  • The conveyor belt in the back is 42" wide and is ribbed to grip crop. The back of the conveyor is built high to stop crop from exiting off the back of the unit.